Such A Nice, Wholesome Swirl Family

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Ice-T, Coco, and son/pimp-in-training Little T made appearances at the Hollyweird Black Film Festival last night. Damn, it must suck to have parents that get it in like THIS…Poor thang.

Professor Oglevee was even up in that joint. Damn, remember what Katt Williams said about Professor Oglevee in the Pimp Chronicles?? Hmmm…


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    I would wear that dres…but my tt’s would be fully covered…..

  • tye tye

    CoCo looks so stupid



  • Vinandi

    Coco- literally looks like an overinflated barbie!!!

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    I Was Just About To Comment That This Is The Nicest I’ve Even Seen Coco Look, Until I Scrolled Down And Saw The Side Profile. Still No Class.


    I still thinks shes a miget/dwarf

  • Re

    Her breasts look like they are painful.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Re…girl, don’t they look like they are just throbbing with pain?! :)

    I would wear the dress also but my tits would look right in them and they would not be hanging out! She is just gross. But at least she’s letting her hotpocket breathe for a change!

    Loves me some PINKY!

  • Re


    Lol, it looks frightening.

    Professor Oglevee look like his name would be Webster or Herbert.

  • Re

    The guy next to Rev Run looks like his butt stinks.

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Why would it suck to have parents like these? Coco is not his biological mother,so he could probably care less what she wears. And his father has always been a part of his life.

  • WhatsYoursIsMine

    CoCo is only 30! She needs to slow it down a bit, she’s not going to age well. But I do have to bow down on her body, she is bringing it, implants or not!

  • life2fullest

    Wonder if Coco’s step son gets a back shot as well. That skank would have to tone it down around my son.SMH

  • lil latte

    That is one of the worst boob jobs I think I have ever seen. I wonder if that’s what they looked like when she 1st got them. It is time for her to downsize those puppies and get them reshaped or removed…

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    That dress is adorable…all I have to say..

    lol @ finally letting the hot pocket breathe haha

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