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We’re not sure if the ladies still think this man is fine or if they think he’s a gaylord, but here is Tyson Beckford at the Bravo A-List Awards sportin some scruffy facial hair.

Clifford Joseph Harris (See Below) is enjoy his life after house arrest ankle bracelet. He’s been choppin it up in Hollyweird something tough. Click HERE to read up on T.I.’s 3 upcoming films.

Samuel L. Jackson getting some groceries under the hood…

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  • da darkness


  • Kittylicious aka Melaine aka I know you Bi****** Want What's Mine - FALL BACK


  • Re

    Of course T.I loves the army. He stores theiir weaponry and ammunition in his bedroom.

  • Re

    *their* spellcheck

  • Southern Belle 225

    Um, Tyson is a certified GAYLORD!

    Samuel L Jackson is and will always be the MAN!

    I’m still a little pissed that T.I. is getting so much positive buzz after his dumb ass got arrested but I’m not surprised. He’s still my boy though!

  • Re

    Uh-oh, my boy Sammy J., love that dude, even in his prison styled jumper.

  • TiTi

    is it just me or is t.i always at mr. chow

  • Aunt Viv

    I actually like to pink contrast against his dark skin. However, it’s not helping to dispel his constant rumors regarding his homosexuality.

  • Divab

    Tyson STAY looking suspect out here! Got his Obama pin on.. I aint mad at him tho!

    Look at Samuel! Thats my boy!


    Sir Gaylord Tyson…funny

  • Lola AM

    I see you, Tyson, with the Obama button! BARACK THE VOTE!!!


    I wish that Sam Jackson was my Grandpa…I dont have one :(

  • Stary Eyed

    I love T.I. as an artist but it takes the pi** to see celebs get off SO easily just cuz they famous. Such a shame. If we have to pay the price, then they should cuz its not fair.

    Well thats life huh..but he is one handsome grown man damn!

  • sickofit

    I have seen T.I out and about a lot lately. Being on house arrest will do that to you

  • wired

    did you guys see the article abc news did on bisexuality in Hollywood. It talks about how male bisexuality isn’t accepted, and not seen as marketable.

    anyway, I’m seeing signs of this with all these suit wearing men sporting pink.

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