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Solange won’t let anything keep her from completing her set while on tour:

“As she made her entrance, a large piece of metal fell from the doorway and landed smack on her foot. While Solange made it through her entire set, albeit in ‘extreme pain,’ she was rushed to a nearby Missouri hospital immediately after the show wrapped.

Rather than cancel the remainder of her Art of Love tour, the cast-sporting Solange will continue performing the remainder of her shows. Per doctor’s orders, however, she will be cutting down on the latter half of her song-and-dance routine, instead performing the from a centerstage stool.”

Kudos to Solange for sticking it out. But given that she lives in big sis’ shadow, she probably doesn’t have any other choice.

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  • Re

    Well damn, I contemplated not working cause of a runny nose…she’s gansta.

  • Why

    Who cares. Really and I am First to say THAT!!!




    I will call off if it is raining too hard

  • k.k

    she should jus lay low..N spend big sis money..but kudos for doing wat she think she can do..HA

  • creolediva

    u go girl…keep it tight..stay on your grind…

  • lil latte

    she looks like she is singing “Five dollar foot long” you know that stupid subway commercial…

  • sickofit

    what a trooper. I will call of because it’s Wednesday.

  • Lola AM

    I love Solange’s new song and vid. I now respect her an artist.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I can honestly say that I DO NOT CARE!


    lil latte…

    Teehehehe…I like that song on the low-low :)

  • Elo

    Hmmm…I’m thinkin somebody was tryin to give her a sign…but she army crawled her ass up there draggin the bum foot behind her…now thats drive.

  • Vinandi

    sounds like baby Daniel- aka Lil Creole pimp had something to do with this- something in the similiac aint clean!!!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    LMAO @ Lil Latte

    5 dollar, 5 dollar foooooooooot looooooong! LOL

    Solange is a trooper and Matthew Knowles runs a serious boot camp.

  • Aunt Viv

    LMBAO@lil’ latte,

    Now that song will be in my head all day…

    “Five…Five Dollar…Five Dollar Foot Long…”

  • missladyjordan

    yeah she probably on the low like hates beyonce…I mean honestly, how would you feel? I absolutely love Bey really can’t stand solange..she just seems like she tries soo hard to be someone else and out of her shadow…she needs a new image, a new look, and a new manager!! M. Knowles is not the business……….

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