*Bossip Exclusive*: Tank’s Baby MaMa says She was NOT a ONE NIGHT STAND, Tank was Soaking Up Her Panties for a While!!!

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Alysse Stewart, Tank’s other baby mama, is not feeling how Tank is really trying to throw her under the bus on Twitter like she is some groupie. She made it clear to us what the situation was between her and Tank:

(I’d like the chance to respond)

Durrell Babbs and I have a son together. His name was changed in the last two months of my pregnancy by his father (it was always his option to name him as he saw fit). Also around that time I learned that another woman was also carrying his child. As opposed to communicating the truth, Mr. Babbs opted to remain silent. That seems to be the way he handles situations that make him uncomfortable. Or he simply chooses a lie over the truth. As he has done in our situation. He say’s our son was not a mistake, yet it sounds that way despite his clever, yet juvenile disclaimer. Let it be known that our son was not a surprise to either of us. In 2006 he asked me twice to consider having a child with him. Cleary, I eventually said yes. It was the best discussion I ever made. Durrell Babbs Jr. has brought so much joy into my life. Sometimes I wonder how I was able to exist without him in the first place.

Had it not been for the fact, that someone I called a friend betrayed my trust. No one would have known the name of my child’s father (outside of our families and close friends). Not saying it’s wrong for people to do press releases and things of that nature. And the main reason I’m sharing these words now is because, I will not be made out to be some one night stand or someone that sought to trap a man with pregnancy. I have always and will continue to be a woman of independence. If Mr. Babbs hates me as he has proclaimed (wonder if I make him sick too – LOL )? Flashback just now to when mom made me mad. Anyway, If he feels as he does we didn’t have to connect again in an intimate manner after we learned of our child’s existence. Just a thought.

I don’t hate Durrell. I just wish he were a man that kept promises. I would like for my child to have “A Real Father” – his words. One that couldn’t fall asleep on any given night, not knowing if his child were OK and his needs were being met. It is my preference that they not be strangers. He say’s he loves my son. I want him to prove it. A monetary commitment does not a father make. Angry was not the way to handle his lack of communication. However, after utilizing all normal forms of communication, I made a bad decision. Who knew this man, would go the route he did. Perhaps, some good can come out of it in the end.

To Durrell Sr., I apologize for making you feel like you had to go into attack mode. However, at the same time, I will not tolerate lies being placed on my head and around the life of my child. As I have always stated before the door is wide open for you to be the father you said you would like to be to our son. Our immature burst on the net doesn’t change that. Granted I’m very disappointed right now and probably won’t believe a word you say for a while. But that’s how trust works … you have to earn it.

I am a great mother and you should know your son is reaping the benefits of that fact. You promised he would know his family, cousins and all ‘em. Let’s start with you again. On my age and this cougar business, you never had a problem with it before. Besides, 40 is all up side your window looking in right now. So enjoy your “youth.” LOL.

For those that seek to judge me, my child’s father and act as if you have all the answers. Know that you don’t. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made mistakes, cried or experienced happiness as you have over the years. It’s called life. This is my life and have no regrets.

Damn, Tank… It sounds like you really need to get your sh*zzz together. Tank will be responding via Twitter in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1


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