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Poor Mike’s not feeling the love:

“I’ve been in prison. In and out of court. Convicted of rape. I already expect the worst to happen. I expect people to treat me bad. I expect on day somebody’ll blow my brains out over some bulls**t. No one gives a s**t about Mike Tyson. Someone accuses me of a horrible crime, others say, ‘Yeah, he’s capable of that. Mike probably did it.’ Nobody’s fighting any crusade for my black ass.”

Awww. Poor Thang. But truer words never never spoken.

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  • hmm mmm......

    1st in the hizhouse!!

    i feel kinda sorry for him

    p.s he needs to trim dem nose hairs


    I care MIKE!!!!

  • Meather

    Love him very much. Lots of my online friends on blacklatinmeet.com love him too. You can share your ideas with them if you want. It is a servious interracial dating service.


    Mike got those demon brows

  • Doagae

    DAMN! This shyt this early on a Friday morning????…..I actually feel sorry for Mike…I really do….

  • Its Me

    it’s so unbelievable how one minute you can have it all and the next.. be a nobody. this world is so screwed up. i feel for him.

  • Kigali Weaves R4 Trannies

    Let that be A LESSON TO ALL YOU DUMB BLACK NEGROS: When the check stop coming, so will everything else. Find someone who loves you for you and stop chasing after this Hollywood hookers who just want to rinse you.

    I am sure Tyson is wondering where all those hanger-ons are now that he isnt who he used to be. Keep your family close, find a GOOD woman, raise your children with strong family values, because all those things will stand the test of time and joblessness.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    What in the….what is that formation on the central section of the bottom lip?

    He looks like his boxers have various smells.

  • da darkness

    home is a monster

  • Aunt Viv


    “He looks like his boxers have various smells”

    Setting of my laughter so early in the morning!!! Thanks!

  • ashes

    DAMN!!! i thought i was… oh well

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    doesnt he suffer with depression?

  • glok9n


  • statim08

    Money won’t solve that.

  • Ms Maloy

    Mike needs to get back on his medication and quit feeling sorry for himself.

  • Necy

    He is only picking the fruits of the trees he planted!!! what goes around, comes around… HE WANTS TO BEAT WOMEN??? Then He needs to PAY…

  • Aunt Viv

    Looking at this post again, I feel bad. He needs a good church and a sound financial advisor.

  • pm

    thats really sad, focus on you mike and fcuk everyone else.

  • http://gravatar.com NIKKI UNDERWOOD

    Mike got money?

  • Cage

    Robin Givens + Don King = Death of Mike Tyson..

    That cat been finished…

  • da darkness

    clint eastwood to spike lee “should shut his face.” cause Lee said “That was his version. The negro version did not exist.” this is the real battle eff D.C. eff the finals, eff that…

    the battle is in Hollywood its gonna be steamy. Do the right thing vs Go head make my day.

  • Simply Ecstasy

    I LOVE YOU MIKE!!! You’ve made some bad decisions in your personal and professional life but who hasn’t.

  • http://www.myspace.com/redsindc redsindc

    Mike should get in there with Kimbo and them…..get that bread Mike!!!

  • sickofit

    Poor Mike

    You want some Cheese with that Whine.

    “Nobody’s fighting any crusade for my black ass.” I love that part. Nobody’s fighting for my black ass either Mike. Damm, the life and times of a average black person.

  • Just for fun

    Ask him to spell crusade.

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