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A 4 year old accidentally shot his 2 year old brother recently. The carelessness of this St. Louis man, may have cost his sons’ life:

‘”I heard something that sounded like a clap,’ [Quanotho] Kyles said. ‘I peeked around the corner, I looked in – he was just standing there … he said, “daddy, I didn’t mean to do it”. I saw my [other] son lying on the floor with blood coming out of his chest.’ Kyles said he took responsibility for the accident that nearly killed his boy.

Kyles said he found an old 22 caliber rifle in his yard about a week ago; picked up because someone was coming to cut the grass; put it in a corner of his bedroom which was supposed to be off limits to his kids. ‘The gun was found about 20 or 30 feet away from house,’ Kyles said. I took it into the house not thinking, ‘check it or don’t even put in the house’. I just put in my bedroom where I didn’t think they would see it. I had a gun in the house. I didn’t know it was loaded.’

He admitted being no stranger to weapons, having gone to prison for shooting and killing his own brother during a feud nearly 10 years ago.”

Disgusting. What kind of parent brings in a random gun off the street and just chucks it in their bedroom? We truly hope little Idion pulls through.


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