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You may not have noticed this, but we at Bossip are shameless Obama supporters, but we are by far, not the only ones. Here’s what living legend Stevie Wonder had to say about our man Barack:

“‘He’s a combination of JFK, and Martin Luther King (Jr.). With that he can’t lose.'”

Obama gets much respect internationally as well. Check out what folks have to say about him across the globe:

The conservative French daily Le Figaro described him as “the man in a hurry who dethroned Hillary.”

The left-leaning London-based Guardian called him “a political giant slayer” who defeated his own party’s entrenched interest.

In Mexico, an editorial cartoon in the daily Reforma depicted him as a Christ-like figure atop the Democratic donkey on Palm Sunday.

“Obama’s America on the doorstep of history,” said a headline on the front page of As Safir in Lebanon.

English-language Khaleej Times, a daily based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates printed:

“If McCain is America’s past,” it said, “Obama is its future.”

F**k whatcha heard – Even headz internationally know Barack is the ONLY option.

Obama 08!!

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