Abortion Vote Today Could Decide Fate of Health Plan

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The decision on the abortion amendment will be a decisive moment. If it fails, anti-abortion Democrats may vote against the final health bill. If the amendment passes, the party’s Senators who support abortion access could walk away.  Basically, Obama can’t win for losing. More bolitics under the hood.

Abortion is one of two major problems for the overall bill. The other problem is Moderates who oppose a new health entitlement program, and liberals refusing to support a bill without one.

A group of moderates and liberals are working on a compromise program that would mirror the insurance benefits. The compromising program would be operated by the Office of Personnel Management, which already has oversight of the plan for federal employees, rather than Health and Human Services, which manages insurance programs for the poor and elderly.

Most Senators would like to see a plan that would be run by the states, rather than the federal government. Yet despite the differences, Senate Democratic leaders Sunday insisted a deal was feasible. The vote on abortion could serve as a compromising moment for both parties to move forward with the health bill.


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