Abortion Vote Today Could Decide Fate of Health Plan

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The decision on the abortion amendment will be a decisive moment. If it fails, anti-abortion Democrats may vote against the final health bill. If the amendment passes, the party’s Senators who support abortion access could walk away.  Basically, Obama can’t win for losing. More bolitics under the hood.

Abortion is one of two major problems for the overall bill. The other problem is Moderates who oppose a new health entitlement program, and liberals refusing to support a bill without one.

A group of moderates and liberals are working on a compromise program that would mirror the insurance benefits. The compromising program would be operated by the Office of Personnel Management, which already has oversight of the plan for federal employees, rather than Health and Human Services, which manages insurance programs for the poor and elderly.

Most Senators would like to see a plan that would be run by the states, rather than the federal government. Yet despite the differences, Senate Democratic leaders Sunday insisted a deal was feasible. The vote on abortion could serve as a compromising moment for both parties to move forward with the health bill.


  • http://blackstar69.com BlackStar69

    Can they please get this bill passed already! I need some helf cur.

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    Lets see how this goes.

  • Nique

    I dont think they should include abortion in the health bill…

    Im not trying to pay for some hoe to get an abortion bc she cant keep her legs closed!

    ..Sorry had to keep it real!

  • KeepNit2Real

    Obama looking at dude in this pic like: Ni99a, I should kick yo muddafriggin asz!


    How is that, we as black people spend $8 billion a year on hair and beauty products, yet we send 300,000 infants to their death through abortion?

  • C.R.E.A.M.

    Abortion is a wedge issue to get dumb people to argue instead of focusing on what is important. This healthcare bill needs to pass regardless of what it says about abortion.

    Abortion is one of those things where your opinion is irrelevant until you are in the situation and have to make a decision. And if you’re a man, your opinion is irrelevant always, as the decision really isn’t yours to make.


    Two Things:

    1) Health care in this country does need to be reformed….but A BIG GOVERNMENT PLAN LIKE OBAMA’S IS NOT THE ANSWER.

    2)I’m(very)pro-choice…but I’m ok with the idea that tax dollars SHOULD NOT be used to fund abortions.Gonna LMAO if the most liberal president ever is betrayed by his own left wing.

  • G-men

    he’s not black

  • Get Real

    You mean to tell me we could have health care reform & the only thing holding it up is ABORTION. Dems need to compromise. Don’t add it!!! Heathcare is waaaay to important of a bill to pass up. You have men, women & children on this earth already that need healthcare. If a woman want an abortion, let her look up her own doctor & pay for it.

  • ms.brilly

    abortion is a big enough issue that it’s easy to see how it could jeopardize the passage of the bill. I guess some folks feel that if it’s going to be a sweeping health care reform bill then they might as well go all in with abortion. I don’t blame them. I also don’t blame the people on the other side of the fence for feeling the way they do. Abortion is just one of those issues that polarizes. There are so many problems with this bill and congress that I really don’t think it’s going to pass… and if it does, it will not really do what it was intended to do.

  • pynk♥{sugar}

    I don’t know how I feel about this one… Very tricky. We NEED the bill to pass, but, i don’t think that our tax dollars should be paying for abortions. There’s enough people living off the gov’t to begin with. If they use our tax dollars for this, be ready to see more pregant girls. Tricky situation… It seems like a lose/lose…

  • pynk♥{sugar}


  • pynk♥{sugar}

    pregnant* whoo, I am all over today… lol

  • pynk♥{sugar}

    I just re-read my comment & I SOOO had a “Jessica Simpson” moment. I was thinking about something else… Please disregard my comment. I hate Mondays, & I need a drink… lol

  • D Brown

    With Mr. President Obama have no fear he’s a smart and business like man with a plan.

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