Derek J is Having a Hard Time Breathing in this Get Up!!!!

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Derek J (Fee-Fee) showed up to the 2009 CRG 2nd Annual Winter Ball in Atlanta, where Nicole Ari Parker, Will Packer and Rob Hardy of RainForest Films were honored for their Artistic Innovation and Contributions to Film. Even though it’s good to see Derek J in something other than tight a$$ jeans, this barely can breathe jacket is not acceptable…

Are You Feeling this Get Up???

Wonder how interesting this night was, seeing that Tameka Foster Raymond and her EX-EX husband were in the same room together…



    lol at 1st

  • Nique

    Damn one wrong move from Derek J and its a glass eye somebody will be sporting a glass eye!

    …I hear the thread on thw button snapping @ every inhale…

    Why does Tameka’s ex look like one of the muppets??

  • Bg(007)

    He got that button screaming for dear life!

  • Nique


    Hey..I see you really forgot me…

    :( (with tears)

  • MizASterling

    That outfit could have been a hit had he not requested the Smedium sized jacket.


    He know he wrong for that.

  • MizASterling

    and why does Tameka’s husband look like Grimace in the face?



  • KeepNit2Real

    it’s sad when people can’t see just how good looking a couple Boris and Nicole are together.

    ya’ll are so sad.

  • Pookie

    WOW its that really Tameka, damn looks good. LMAO @ the ex-ex husband’s face. Bless him, he’s new to the fame/paparrazzi game. After he’ll get right soon after a few shots…..oh and when the usher money starts floating his way.

  • Pookie

    Oh shoot, that wasnt Tameka next to him….oops!

  • Divine

    12/7/09, 12:24:pm

    it’s sad when people can’t see just how good looking a couple Boris and Nicole are together.
    They are a gorgeous couple!

  • Carmen

    He is so gay. LOL

  • GGooDeiMC

    Who sponsors this BS?

  • taktakie

    people need 2 get off Rihanna’s ****

  • grant

    all those pics and you put up that fairy…quit giving this qu33r pub Bo$$ip….

  • xhia

    Tameka’s ex ex (hah!) looks like an older version of Usher. Just saying..

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