Quote of the Day: 50 Cent Says “Fu*k the Grammys.”

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50 Cent who has been nominated 13 times in the past, but has yet to win a Grammy, recently went off on the awards show.  Peep what he said under the hood.

50 said this to MTV:

“Man, f**k the Grammys! I couldn’t care less about the Grammy Awards. It’ll be the Beyoncé and Taylor Swift show. I guess they’ll both be performing at the awards show, which means their record companies will be spending money to raise the production values of the entire show. And when you spend that kind of money you’re supposed to get trophies.”



  • KeepNit2Real

    on another note Curtis, you looking mighty fruity in that lipgloss bro…*ahem*

  • thoms3

    he’s right… how could you be one of the highest selling rappers of all time and don’t have a grammy…plus his new album is hot… not commercial though

  • Maximum

    He’s right and you know it. It’s going to be Beyonce’s and Taylor the entire night. BOREING!!!!! I hear you 50 F**K em.

  • SweetChariot

    Yep. Go head 50. Doesn’t make sense he hasn’t won a damn thing.

  • Doc

    fifty sounds like a hater.

  • KeepNit2Real


    12/9/09, 17:06:pm

    fifty sounds like a hater.

    First idiot reply!

  • NiChar

    He’s such a big baby!!

  • !!!!!


  • waka waka

    I’m gonna have to agree with this flamer

  • rico 9

    50 is real- at least he speaks what is on his mind instead of being so corporate like Jay Z, Beyonce.

  • SimplePleasures

    Considering his poor album sales, I’m thinking the Grammy’s said “No…F@*& YOU Fifty!” LOL!

  • me

    i have to agree you know money was being handed under the table for beyonce to have ten nods but the only hit single she had was single ladies and the rest was a flop plus taylor swift she’s ok but i mean come on

  • xoxo

    Neither the Grammy or the public is checking for Mr. Curtis Jackson.


    I agree with 50 “monkey face” cents in regards to Beyonce and Taylor swift but at the same time he doesn’t deserve a Grammy..His first album was good but he’s basically garbage.

  • Antoniobone

    50 is right on this one…the grammys are some bullshyteee…the same old tired people winning….How can 50 be one of the hottest and best selling rappers in history and not have a grammy?…thats stupid

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