Kim K’s Father Didn’t Approve of Them Dating Black Guys After OJ

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Howard Stern had an interview with Kim and Khloe Kardashian. During the show, Howard asked them why they are so obsessed with dating black men and seem desperate to be apart of the black community. The girls also gave details about how their father was not supportive of them dating outside of their race after representing OJ Simpson.

Khloe Goes Into Details about her marriage to Lamar and what parts of her pre-nup are false:

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  • cheeks

    First finally!

  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer



    This is very Disturbing !!!

  • Dennis

    I’m glad Bob Kardashian is dead

    He wouldn’t want to see this.

  • D Brown

    Okay this is their life.

  • sexyprettysista

    ok howard stern is sounding a little sour, or is it just me?. white men don’t like races mixing at all, it’s sounds like howard is implying that they are too good to date black guys

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    ***** = p_e_n_i_s (silly a** filtering !!)

  • Black_Orpheus(the original not the remake)

    and c_l_a_s_s and p_o_r_n (rediculous !!!)

  • you know that's a damn shame

    Kim and Khloe are obsessed with black men and Howard Stern is a racist!!!

  • JayJay

    enough with these two idiots already

  • Masie_UK

    LMAO Howard Stern’s views on black americans are even worse than me ahahahaahah! Jewish Nazi

  • BebeNoire


  • sexyprettysista

    @Just Hella Whatever, i agree, all that offensive rubbish he was saying and they were laughing, that threw me off a little because im like ‘did they hear what he just said’. i wonder what reggie and lamar would say about this interview

  • My Pet Dinosaur

    @Real Talk

    Why do you post the same things over again?

    On Topic:
    They up there laughing like it’s cute!



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