Estelle: “F**k that Racist Mayor”

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Rapper/singer Estelle blasted the new mayor of London for saying some racist crap:

“The newly elected Johnson came under fire for referring to black children as ‘piccanninies’ in 2002, before he became mayor. The comments infuriated Estelle, who has called him “too ignorant” to be in charge of an ethnically diverse city such as London, and is insisting his predecessor, Ken Livingstone, should still be in charge.

“Look at how ignorant that (his comment) is and he’s going to be running our city? Look at that,” she told Britain’s Attitude magazine. “Let’s think about that. Better the devil you know – I go with Ken Livingstone with his enlightened mind over someone that ignorant. Imagine what else he’s going to do and say. “He can get lost. He can take a flying leap,” she added.”

And speaking of racist Brits, here’s what rotten-faced, basehead, Amy Crackhouse had to say about singing that effed up tune:

“‘I don’t want to play anything down, but I’m the least racist person going.’ She branded UK’s News of the World, ‘irresponsible’ for printing the chant in full, saying: ‘I think they should have starred out certain words.'”

This scabby chick is disgusting, plain and simple.

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  • redsindc

    eh hem

  • redsindc

    First….yesss….I knew it!!! lmao

  • I'm Just Me

    GO ESTELLE!!! Speak on it Mommma! People like that shouldn’t be in office.

    As for Amy Crackhouse…..go to rehab b*tch or die slow…either way STFU…maybe you should have starred some of those words out of that song!

  • realwoman

    See this is what gets me. So many people were d!ckriding that crackhead hoe Amy Winohouse instead of seeing her for what she really was. A THIEF! She is a thief instead of a true admirer of our music! She chose a music genre that Black people normally listen to and Black accepted her with open arms…and what does that bony sorey b1tch do? She uses our own music against us! I AM SO GLAD I NEVER BOUGHT HER CD! Something about her never sat right with me and now it makes sense. I swear I am psychic. lmao

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Go Estelle, tell that London bloke!

    LMAO @ I’m Just Me!

  • Suga Mo

    As far as Amy….Come on now ur getting quotes from a crackhead. what do u expect?

  • BB

    @ T-Bird

    That’s an old Estelle photo, she has clear braces now.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    I saw alot of women in DC over the memorial weekend with this hair cut

    flowing hair on the top and shaved low on the side.

  • pm

    black woman in london can get just as gutta as blacks woman in the US. I thought it was just Naomi.

  • Vinandi

    FYI: Boris Johnson the new mayor of London town is a member of the Conservative party, the Brit equivalent of the Republican Party! that is predominantly privileged White folks who went to private schools like Eton, attended Brit equivalent of Ivy league universities ( Oxbridge)and are in bed with Big businesses ( albeit not to the extent of the US political elite and the Oil companies). Therefore it is not surprising that he is a racist and ignorant mofo!

    However- his predecessor Red Ken-although very popular with the ethnic minorities and progressive in his social policies: was a crooked politician- who advocated cronyism, nepotism and misappropriation of funds ( Lee Jasper!!!) The result of which is the White Folks mistrust Black led development agencies even more than ever, to the detriment of the Black community in the UK!

    And as for Amy Winehouse= Waste of Space!!!!

  • ZINO

    lol lol lol…so she IS racist jus da LEAST racist…oh ok…yeah, dat makes it whole lot better doesnt it?…pure comedy

  • Aunt Viv

    And Amy Crackhouse, you’re finished! I never liked her overhyped azz…

  • cosmoyuki

    hey brits are not all racist, i live in Brtitain and it is the best place to live in the whole world!!!! no one has more class and culture than us and it is a shame that we are been shown up by a few ignorant people!!!!

  • danDan

    yeah, but did she vote?

    See, black people are the first ones to start complaining and the polling stations in London were open until 10pm and my mum and i walked down there and casted our votes for KEN LIVINGSTON.

    I was educated under him and I graduated top 5 in my class in high school…

    KEN ALL THEY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vinandi

    @ dandan

    Ken was a corrupt wannbe dictator .8 years, is more than enough for one mayor!!!

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