10 Things Men Love About Women

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Good day, Bossip readers! Over the last few weeks we’ve published a few articles about men and women and the ongoing battle that is, obviously, gender specific. One would think that since there are only two simple genders, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is, at times, to co-exist! Men and women have walked the earth for ions, so why have we not yet mastered communication? Could it be that men and women tend to recognize the negative before the positive?

Last week’s post, “10 Things Women Love About Men” sparked a really cool thread! We decided to talk to the same men who provided the statements for the previous post and asked them what they love about women vs. what they “hate.” Sadly, it took much longer for some to fire off the things they love, but they could spew hate in nanoseconds. So, in the name of love, let’s approach our beloved counterparts with some positivity! Fellas, leave your thoughts! Ladies, enjoy!

I like a well-timed woman. A woman who knows when to exercise social etiquette but will unleash her inner hood in the car or at home if she has a problem with me. I like a woman who talks sh*t but knows the appropriate time and place to do so. I like a woman who knows how to be classy with her sexiness and doesn’t look like a hooker when she’s going out for the night but will be my personal freak in the bedroom. I will fall all the way in love with a woman who knows how and when to do what. I guess the saying “a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets” is what I find most desirable. – Lionel, 36

I’m completely attracted to a smart woman. I love a smart woman. If she likes to read books then it’ll enhance our conversation … it’ll never become stale. I love a woman who likes to learn new things and has an opinion about everything. She can say, “hey, you know what I read today ….” and it’ll open up a whole new realm of communication. I love a woman with a heightened sense of intelligence. I like to go to a girl’s house and she’s got a countless amount of books on a variety of subjects and she’s got a quirkiness about her. This says she’s willing to try and learn new things. So one that’s not quick to spat ignorance, she’ll read up, you know. I like an interesting woman. – Marcus, 27

A woman that loves sports is my soulmate! I like for a woman to know sports and  sit and watch a game with me. I like a woman who knows pro and collegiate teams and has an opinion about who’s going to make the play-offs. I like a woman who will eat wings, drink beer and watch the game. Make a spread of cheese dip, crackers, and hor’dourves for the Super Bowl, you know? I would love a woman like that. I would never get tired of her. – Brandon, 27

There’s something about a hot woman in an ugly car. Not a car that’s about to fall apart and break down at any given moment but maybe an old, ugly car that runs goods. It’s a confidence thing. She doesn’t need a Benz or a BMW to feel good about herself because she can trick the hell out of an ugly car without complaint! It says she’s grounded, down-to-earth and recognizes the value, or lack there of, of material possessions. A beautiful woman in an ugly car is a guy’s girl and is probably one of the coolest girls you’ll ever meet. – Tre, 32

A natural woman is one after my heart. I like a woman who is comfortable being herself without caked on make-up, fake hair and nails. I love a woman who doesn’t have to make a production out of going to the grocery store or Blockbuster with her weave rituals. I like a chick who can throw her hair up in a ponytail and leave the house with no make-up and still look good. A natural woman, to me, is okay with being herself and I don’t have to peel through the layers, literally, to get to the crust of her. – Jonathan, 30

The body parts, of course, were more than mentioned so look for Part 2 soon!

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