Twitter Files: Que Calls it Quits with Dawn and Day 26

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Just a couple of days ago, everything was sweet between Dawn and Que. They tweeted “I miss u and love you.” Well apparently, something happened this week because Que shut down his Que Day 26 twitter page and he is now going under the name Que “on to the next one.” All the details and evidence inside once you pop the top. 

Que tweeted this to Dawn in the past couple days:

He also keeps telling people to check in with management’s twitter page for updates on HIM only, not Day 26.  He refers to himself in first person and not in terms of a group which leads us to believe he may have left the group.  Oddly enough, last month Will from Day 26 tweeted this on his page:

Interesting… We’ll keep you all posted.


  • KeepNit2Real

    this is SO not news.


  • ChopzMaQaJ

    Ish is too hard to keep a relationship goin’ when you in the music biz. Too many rumors will have you insecure and thinking crazy ish. Was bound to happen ya know.

  • ChopzMaQaJ

    ITz especially hard to keep a relationship goin’ with sites like this.

  • ChopzMaQaJ

    Dawn is UUuuuuuuuugly anyways. She only look aight when she standing next to dat other chick from Dirty Money. OOOOWeeeee they fugly!!!!

  • Sylmarvelous

    It’s the curse of Bad Boy! lol. Good things come and go…

  • WhatAWorld

    The group is irrelevant and this should not be a top story.NEXT!

  • Just as I see it...

    I’m not a Day 26 fan so I could really care less. I thought it stupid for him 2 have her name tatooed on his hip. That’s some suspect ish for that a$$. Besides, Dawn is soooo unattractive but I guess he saw something under neath?! *Kanye Shrug*

  • Ms.EJ

    Day 26 first album is very good. I haven’t bought a CD in years (nor do I download or download any bootleg music), but they are very talented. I always thought Dawn was pretty never understood why many make it seem as if she is just the worst looking, but that is just my opinion. Que and Dawn seem to really have a sincere relationship, if it is over I hope they can remain good friends (the way they started off). Willie BTW is so handsome. Robert was in the beginning, but started to look Zesty once he made it.

  • Nique

    He probably caught Dawn fu*ckin one of the members or WORSE(dum dum dum…wait for it…………………………….)DIDDY!!!!


  • pynk♥{sugar}

    Ok… So, how about Twitter is the WORST thing that could’ve happened to celebrities (& us too)?



  • facefacts

    ummm que seems a little psyco and paranoid…keep ur sanity que bounce!!!

  • MizASterling



    Que and Dawn’s relationship is completely for the cameras. Not going into details but anyone with two eyes can see what’s really going on.

  • DMO

    Good for Dawn and Day 26. He’s way more immature than all the other members. He didn’t want a woman anyway, so it’s good for Dawn. Dawn looks like a man anyway but I’m sure Diddy is d-i-k-i-n-g her down. YUK.

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