A Good Deed Denied

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Lyrical content is the culprit behind Jim Jones’ performance cancellation at HIV Testing Day event in Jersey City. Here’s what the Mayor’s office had to say about the matter:

“Mayor Healy has always been a proponent of positive outlets for our youth and a strong gun control advocate,” Morrill told AllHipHop.com. “Mr. Jones’ lyrics speak of violence to women and police, of the drug trade and guns, and other activities that Mayor Healy could not endorse by sponsoring an event featuring Mr. Jones.”

Wow. A brotha tries to do some good (for a change) and this is what he gets? Peculiar indeed.



  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper {{ THE INFAMOUS}}...Ms. Sugar Walls

    1st bitccccches. did i do it?

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper {{ THE INFAMOUS}}...Ms. Sugar Walls


    okay.why does jim jones always look musty?

    why does he always look like his balls stink like dirty mop water? I don’t care if he is sweating, or not..he always look like he stinks, and is oily! i bet you when him and rick ross eats cheese burgers…mayo, and tamatoes get caught in that sh*t! gross!

  • Aunt Viv

    Was he going to premier a new safe sex anthem at the event?

  • justareader

    that dude look like his breathe stank.. errhh.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD

    Do you see that scully running from his funk?

  • steph78

    I can testify to the fact that he doesn’t stink. Brotha may be a little rugged, but he doesn’t stink…anywhere:)

  • Mitchell Harris

    What do you mean mean “and this is what he gets?” Why are you ignorant negroes always advocating for other ignorant negroes to be and promote ignorance? Just because a drug dealer gives away a few turkeys at Thanksgiving doesn’t exonnerate him from his culpability in the deterioration of the neighborhood. You ignorant negroes better start reevaluating your values, because when they are always decidedly in favor of claiming “negativity,” your extinction is not far away. Fools.

  • Aunt Viv

    LOL, is there something you wish to share steph78?

  • uhnonimus

    cosigns Mitchell Harriss 100%


  • Lady Architect

    Mitchell Harris,

    I strongly agree with you. If I were the mayor I wouldn’t allow him either. What can he possibly contribute?

  • Whateva

    Well I finally made top 10

  • http://yahoo.com intuitivepisces

    @ Mitchell Harris

    You’re comments were right on point.

  • http://yahoo.com intuitivepisces


    ***Your comments…***

  • da darkness

    blacks don’t die we multiply errbody knows this

  • timothy rahshad

    I agree that he shouldnt have performed at the event. he promotes nothing positive in his lyrics!! point blank.

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