Wendy Williams’ Son Finds out His Mom’s Breasts are Fake Via TV

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Wendy Williams was put in the hot seat for once when her 9-year old son asked her if her breasts were real.  Pop the top to see how she answered.

Wendy admits her son did not know she had breast implants so she sat down and explained the concept of plastic surgery to him. She told her son that when his father met her, she was completely natural. She said that her husband met her as a frog, and she has since transformed herself into a swan. By her choice of course. Initially, when she exposed her plastic surgery woes on national TV, it was while her son was in school, but the young boy does like to watch the show online when he gets home from school.

Too funny. Too bad this is only the tip of the iceberg for all the skeletons in her closet coming out. Wonder how she will explain ________.


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