Unlike Father, Unlike Son

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Flavor Flav was spotted chilin at the beach with his son Karma recently. With that fuggo-mug, it’s hard to believe his son turned out to be so cute (Lawd knows his baby mamma is painful to look at too) – it just goes to show that miracles do happen.

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  • lil latte


  • lil latte

    He looks like that mean gremlin (was it stripe?)

  • Aunt Viv

    He’s adorable!!!

  • lil latte

    or striker i cant think of it’s name…but it was the mean ugly one

  • lil latte

    I was talking about flav not the baby


    Beautiful baby,

    But there isn’t any amount of money that would allow me to lay down with flave.

  • mojojojo195

    his son is cute i feel sorry for him though how is he going go to school and his parents are that damn ugly

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Cute kid…Ugly parents!

  • Celebrity CSI

    @Stefany…even if he was Bill-ionaire Gates himself. Hold on, I don’t know if I like the way that sounds…(tickled)lol

  • Doc

    are we sure tha6ts flava son cause that a cute baby now the daddy sure is ugly.

  • My son's parole officer said it's gonna be alright!

    He get his looks from his momma. They look just a like. That baby is soooo cute. What’s up with the name?

  • My son's parole officer said it's gonna be alright!

    “You show is ugly”

  • Ms. Doagae

    Yeah he cute…..now….catch in a few years….with a dad as busted as Flav….it IS going to catch up with him…lol

  • MDM.Org

    I hope Flav got a DNA test because his other sons look like him, but this one – I can’t see the “Flav” in little Karma. Maybe in a few years the ugly genes will kick in.

  • My son's parole officer said it's gonna be alright!

    I have the test results here. Flav…you are not the father!

    Ok, that’s the last one. I don’t want to have bad Karma.

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