When the Checks Stop Coming In: RHOA NeNe and Kim May get the Boot

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The third season of the Atlanta Housewives could reveal some major shifts in the new season, including new cast members.  Pop the top for the details.

According to a source, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are demanding more money to appear on the show.  Apparently, Bravo is unwilling to pay more and the producers are fed up with their extravagant requests. We hear the network is quietly making plans to move on without the two ladies.

They have been interviewing some major Atlanta prospects and want to move forward with adding a sixth housewife or replacing Kim and NeNe. Returning will be Kandi, Lisa, and Sheree who was rumored to be leaving the show. On a side note, Tameka Foster was in talks to join the cast but all the ladies said they would walk if she was added.

At least they all agreed on something.


  • lattho

    Nene kindda makes the show!

  • nevrquit

    Wow..they all must feel intimidated by Tameka.

  • jose


  • lattho

    Sorry Jose…lol

  • ladynva

    I saw NeNe on Maury doing a makeover. She’s all over the place getting paid…..

  • charmaine

    Good replace Nene and Kim. I’m tired of both of them. I would like to see some fresh faces. That Nene and Kim drama is getting boring and besides aren’t they like BFF’s now. Please, I for sure will not miss fake Nene and no talent, delusional, homewrecker Kim. I’m still embarrassed for Wendy Williams having her perform on her show this week. What was she thinking…Please go away Nene and Kim.

  • MizASterling

    None of them can act anyway.

    That reunion special was so boring.

    I don’t see why they even need a third season.

    Moving On…..

  • http://blackstar69.com BlackStar69

    Oh, no! Not again!

  • AmilLion

    Obviously Kim and Nene make the show, sooo it would be ridiculous to replace them. Why not add a new housewife…maybe Dwight? LOL Ok, kidding with that one. Tameka would be too much for that show, plus I hear she’s chemically imbalanced and that wouldn’t make for good tv. Wait a minute…YES IT WOULD! LOL


  • Caramel Cat™

    Sadly, I would definitely tune in if they added Temeka Foster, that would be a bomb waiting to blow. They need to get rid of Lisa, she’s boring as all getout. Sheree gets on my nerves because she’s faker than a $9 bill. But, I agree that NeNe and Kim are definitely the show…

  • me and her

    I think Nene and Kim should be compensated cause they make good Tv but then again who knows how much they are asking for. They can kick Lisa off, she is boring. Tameka Foster would probably bring too much drama. There has to be someone else they can add.

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m glad they’re not adding Tameka. I’m sure they’ll find some to replace NeNe and Kim.

    I take issue with “reality” people biting the hand that feeds them. I honestly do not think that those two will be as successful without the show. They should just stay on the show.


    keeep nene and kim get rid of lisa boring azzz

  • WhatAWorld

    thank GOD!

  • http://bossip John

    The show is played out!

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