Random Acts of Thuggery Revisted

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Last week, we talked about Jim Jones & crew and their random acts of thuggery. Click here to watch the scene of the altercation backstage at the Hot 97 Jam. It would seem that it was the pigs who were the real culprit.


  • bree


  • sickofit

    “It would seem that it was the pigs who were the real culprit.”

    They always are

  • I'm Just Me

    DAXN!! What did he pull the gun out for? I am so confused as to what led up to that. I don’t care for how they are throwing Sean Bell’s name around, i understand it but am not feeling it. But I am so lost as to why this was even done. Ridiculous!!! What did he pull the gun out for. There were kids back there and stuff and he is just waving it around. Is this man really a cop? Who was he protecting and serving acting like that?

  • Aunt Viv

    Cops are so guilty here!

  • WordzOfaProphet

    If anything Jim shud’ve went left on this dude. You are a police officer??? Like 4real??? Im pretty sure that ain’t the way they taught you how to do things when you were in training. These ppl kill me, jus cuz u wear a gun and badge dnt make u Billy Bad Ass

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    Thank GOD no shots were fired!

  • SweetiePie09

    This video is crazy! NYC police is off the damn hook.. I’d take his ass to court!


    MR FLORIDA says, FUKK that…Jimmy IS a b!tch…all that thug/killa/capo talk…and NATHAN. n!ggas gonna always act hard when they 80 deep or AFTER the fact when some REAL sh!t jump off. lame azz dude

  • http://www.myspace.com/keithhayden hayday12

    i agree with ty-ty its a natural reaction..jim jones stood up for what happen to sean bell..so nobody should talk down on him

  • Lady elle

    The real deal is it could have gotten a lot worse.

    Of course the police would have been justified in shooting anyone out there.

    You see how quick that gun was pulled….NEVER in any other type of concert will you see this reaction from police.

    I went to a Sting concert in Central park, the entire area was filled with weed smoke and not one arrest much less the pulling of a fire arm by an unmarked police at that.

    This is exactly how it went down in the Sean Bell incident, the difference is THEY FIRED THEIR WEAPONS.

    a damn shame.

  • Lady elle

    Jim Jones reaction is understandable.

    He went from shocked, to scared , to angry…reasonable.

  • Blacksmith

    Jim didn’t cower, his PAID SECURITY collapsed in around him and secured him like they are supposed to do. And big dude on the front side was ready to take that bullet. Everybody else cleared out of the way, like you’re supposed to do, when threatened.

  • Oooops

    Your not supposed to stand in front of a gun when its pointed at you. Common damn sense.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    JJ should have made sure he got all the info on the cop and he should have had some of his ppl to immediatly go and file a report!!! And supply the gatdam video!

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