Blast From the Past: MC Hammer

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MC Hammer was spotted at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Warren Beatty rocking that baldy-locks swag. It must feel real nice to know that he’s still on somebody’s guest list in Hollyweird. Amerie and Pras hit up the event as well. More in the thumbs.

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    am i first….chea!!


    amerie dressin up for this like she just released a new album and sh*t…ahaha

  • BlackGirlLost

    Why is Amerie there? Are people still checkin for Amerie? This looks like all the has-beens showed up on the carpet at the same time.

  • Nana

    2nd, Amerie looks good. I hope she puts out some new music soon. Her third album Because I Love it hasn’t been released in the states but it is hot. M.C. Hammer looks very dapper. Kudos to him.

  • sickofit

    Amerie, Pras, & Hammer???? Who made out that guest list? What does Warren Beatty have to do with R&B and hip hop

  • sickofit

    Pras looks healthy

    Hammer is aging nicely. He looks better now than he ever did. Jesus does a body good

  • I'm Just Me

    MC Hammer!! Can’t touch this! Holla! my people’s from work saw him hosting shows in Las Vegas.

    Amerie looks great!!!

    Pras cleans up pretty nicely in a suit!

  • Doagae

    What the heck kind of event was this? LOL I mean, these folks are prolly doing better than me, but still…they ain’t even D list….

  • Aunt Viv

    @sick of it all

    “Jesus does a body good”


    LOL after only 15 minutes in the office!

  • swoosh

    cute dress

  • Lauren

    amerie dressin up for this like she just released a new album and sh*t…ahaha


    Ha! Yea…If I were her I wouldn’t even attend, just stay the hell home….

  • Aunt Viv

    But they all look good, aging nicely

  • Re (They're only your friends when you've got Snickers)

    Amerie looks damn good, no homo, and MC Hammer looks decent too. But that is a strange guestlist.

  • Lauren

    @KZZME….Morning to you too and Happy Friday!!

  • Vinandi

    Amerie’s dress is super fab!!! she needs to put on some curves though- at least now she’ll be able to afford to eat if the rumours about the new DefJam contract are true!

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