BDR & The Hunt for the Ice Bandits

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Somebody done ganked BDR’s ice:

“Russell Simmons is out $15,000 after a suitcase full of his bling was swiped from a Bleecker Street apartment building. The case – which contained three diamond rings, a pendant, three sets of earrings and two bracelets from the Simmons Jewelry Company – was lifted early Saturday morning when an employee left it in a hallway for 30 minutes. ‘Crime-scene investigators were swarming the area,’ [a source said]. Police sources confirmed the incident, but a rep for Simmons Jewelry claimed the gems belonged to the employee, who must be very handsomely paid.”

That sounds mighty suspicious. Who leaves $15,000 worth of ice in a hallway??? Trife.

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  • Joey Boats







    mocha, hang it up!


  • Joey Boats

    $15,000, that’s nothing to him, come on russell let someone else enjoy this money

  • Aunt Viv

    I’ll go to Canal Street to see if anyone’s selling “Simmons Finest Jewelry” for $10

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Who leaves $15,000 worth of ice in a hallway???

    someone who can spend that in 5 secs

  • 6 Figgaz


  • I'm Just Me

    YOU’RE FIRED!!! Okay….sounds like a set up for real. What were you doing that you left this lone suitcase in the hall??? SUSPECT!

  • Aunt Viv

    @Badd Brown Chic

    Happy Friday!!! How was my acting? LOL!

    I was watching the game…

  • Joey Boats

    @ Badd BROWN Chic (Envy me)

    I didn’t use any name calling, and stop lying acting you wouldn’t take. So tell m, why the Badd in your name? Tell me what is so badddd about you?

  • huhsaywhat?

    BDR better keep an eye on that employee — sounds like a set-up

  • Joey Boats

    @ Badd BROWN Chic (Envy me)

    I’m not mad, lololol. Awww you cute. You should let me T-A-P, do you know what that mean,lolol. Nah just playing. But I guess your principles are your principles, and mine are mine, get money!!!!

  • Celebrity CSI

    Russell Simpleton is too OLD to be participating in Insurance fraud. (tickled). I’m sure they are recovered by now…cause the ‘thief’ was in on it too. Good thing I was home…I’d be $15K

  • lil latte

    oh boo hoo I’m sure the man wipes his ass with more than that!

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