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We keep seeing everyone in these jackets and leather this cold season. Keyshia Cole, 50, Diddy, Damian Marley, Luda, Cudi, Travis McCoy, to white folks like  Ryan Sheckler and Shannon Elizabeth are all finding comfort in Live Mechanics jackets and denim. We caught up with the owner based out in L.A.:

Bossip: Let’s start from the jump; give the Bossip readers your name and activity please.

LM: I am Osa Odiase, the founder of Live Mechanics. We started Live Mechanics in 1999. I am originally by way of Nigeria and I have been in America for over 20 years.

Bossip: Where did you guys start?

LM: Well, we are not your average clothing company. We started on the underground London street scene, Melrose stores, and spots like that. We just grinded for 10 years with an ultimate vision. We are not a typical urban line who caters to the ‘thug mentality,’ no.

Bossip: What inspires this line?

LM: Unity among people of color. Don’t get me wrong. I sell my line through God’s vision, but practical and spiritual at the same time.

Bossip:  How are you making it through this recession?

LM: Surrounding ourselves with good people and good employees. I tell the young brothers as soon as they are hired. You will need to further your education because it is important to educate yourself at all times. You want some of this shrimp taco?

Bossip: Naw, I’m good.

LM: Man, I’m telling you. These are the best tacos I ever had, and I am not Drake. One of my employees gave me one of these yesterday and I made him go get me four of them today. Here have one, I insist.

Bossip: Naw, your V.P. Raphael already got me some Teriyaki … the best ever?

LM: Yes, and I am not a fan of Mexican food.

Bossip: Me neither.

LM: Ok, well these are different. Here!

Bossip: Takes bite..(damn) Are these deep fried Shrimp tacos? Yeah, they taste good.<—- Insert ‘NO HOMO‘ Disclosure Here

LM: Yeah, like I was saying. I came out here from England and have been grinding really hard ever since. It is my career and company, so I love doing what I do and helping out brothers along the way. Besides that, we have some sick denim, leather, and shirts for this winter. Live Mechanics is not what it was…

We feel obligated to support our good people with good intentions.

Live Mechanics Here


  • show me

    why all the pics of this GO-rilla? ugh

  • James

    Big fan of LM. I have sported them for years.

  • adaena

    I already got the leather hoody for females. What?

  • adaena

    I don’t like Keyshia’s Jacket though. On the site they have better ones for the ladies.

  • charlieblanko

    Lots of sick leathers. The Denims are what got my attention though.


    It’s a little “young” for me…and yet I see throwback flashes of Members Only in some of the jackets.The one Shannon Elizabeth is wearing looks best.Good luck.


    Just went to the site.The jeans are cool.Like the “Conquer” model.

  • memchee

    @ Dr. Funk,

    yep, looks like school yard cloth.

    Could only gift it for the younguns.

  • Honey

    Je t’aime. Vraiment, dans le courant de cette vie!

  • Alexandre Le Parisien (yeah i'm a french-african...sue me)

    live mech=nice. flashbacks of M.O though.
    ps= fif….u cant speak/read/understand french…put the paper down. faut pas essayer de nous impressioner la….ca marche pas mon vieux.

  • Jay the Real One

    50 fronting like he can read

  • Somali Ninga

    50Cent can read!?!?!!? Good for him!! *pats him on the head*


    @Somali Ninga:


  • Peace Keeper

    These LM cats sure have stood the test of time. 99 – 2009 is a blessing from God. I have that bossy epic leather and get to many compliments on it. I’ll be grabbing some more items from the web store as soon as the new stuff is available. Blessed!

  • funny gal

    Since when did 50 Cent start reading in French?!!!!! Haitian undercover?

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