Twitter Files: Chris Brown Goes On Spiel About Being Blackballed

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Breezy is pissed at Wal-mart for blackballing his CD.

Pop the top and peep him cussing on twitter and to hear an interview that went completely wrong when the DJs started asking about Rihanna.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Were those DJs out of pocket?


  • Re

    Damn…well, maybe coming out with an album months after the incident was too soon for people.

  • BritChick

    Bottom line is Mr. Chris Brown is once a black man makes a mistake he is taken down more than a few notches…case in point Tiger Woods…than his white counterparts.

    Thing is many black folks dont realise we have to work twice as hard to stay afloat than a white person and the minute we mess up…we are out the door.

    Personally, I ain’t complaining nothing wrong with living by high standards and exceeding expectations, the problem is maintaining those expectations which it seems both you and Tiger Woods could not deal with.

  • DatgirlAsh

    Wow…. lol…

  • Smoovee Sayz

    (smacks forehead)…
    “dammit y didnt anyone remind me to tell Chris his new album is next to Ike Turners greatest hits…smdh”
    No wonder y he didnt find it;(

  • t5000

    the whole thing has really hurt both of them. i think they both should have waited to put out albums.

  • MizASterling

    I swear, all these “artists” do is cry.

    Neva should’ve gave y’all N*&%^&’s Twitter.

  • MizASterling

    And what the HELL is he doing in Walmart?

    I mean, seriously, you’re just going to random discount stores and checking to see if they have your album in Store?


    Clearly you have too much time on your hands.

    Seeing as how we aren’t appreciatin’ you enough,
    why don’t you get a JOB or somethin’….?


    Your comment is so true. He needs to take a page from Tiger’s book and hang tight,lay low for a while . Complete his sentence and DV Classes.He can still do his fan tour to keep his music rolling.Let his Music speak for itself.No one can take Tiger’s acheivements & talent away from him,they can only hope that he faulters but i’m sure Tiger’s work ethic and determination won’t let those fools have the last laugh. Chris Brown can do the same.

  • K. Bernard

    Ok it happend can we move on to something else! Let it go!

  • lattho

    I bought his cd from Best Buy. I actually like it. The one song that kindda makes you go “umm?” is that song called Pass Out. I don’t really get that one.

  • Souljagir

    Nope that’s wrong, I bet half the manager’s or other men with in the industry and those wo ridicule him are just as guilty of doing some immoral in their life! I would bet that even though he’s complied to the industry and court orders/standards that it’s not enough because of whack bamma’s like those who comment negatively, leave that man alone just because you don’t like what he did doesn’t mean you have to take anything else away from him!

  • as seen on t.v.

    I agree with t5000…I think it was too soon for both of them to be putting out albums and obviously the buying public is letting them know that…

  • Miss Lisa

    chris brown album was really solid, not earth shattering but solid…. folks just needs to seperate the man from the music, yes and I also bought mine at best buy.


    I found it and bought it. Go Chris!!!

  • itsalwaysunnyinATL

    i can definitely understand not wanting to talk about the rihanna situation and i’m sure the dj’s had instructions on what was allowed BUT the album sales…not a CB hater but its too soon, i have the album and think its ok but i’m not one of the people that he needed to win back/over because its about the music for me. people keep saying its been a year – well it hasn’t. that went down 2/09 10 months ago. some people either haven’t forgiven him or will never support him again and only time will tell. what i can say is that his twitter rant only reinforces to the detractors that he is not a changed man, is not remorseful and he just a spoiled brat. i hate that for him because i want him to get himself back on track unfortunately he seems to be getting in his own way.

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