Whitney Houston Speaks About Bobbi Kristina: She is Just Like her Damn Daddy!!!

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In the January issue of InStyle magazine, Whitney Houston went into details about the relationship that she has with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina:

It’s funny because her body is mine, her skin color is mine, but she says exactly what’s on her mind, so she’s like her father in that manner. These kids, man, they come out and just let you know right off. But I think it’s a very important thing to allow our children to express themselves so it won’t be expressed in other areas, like on the street.

If she’s angry, I allow her to say, ‘Damn! I’m so frustrated today!’ We have our moments when we clash, but we have a good relationship. I want her to count on me to try to understand what she’s going through. No damnation, no condemnation, nothing that’s going to make her feel like she can’t come to me.

Whitney is also planning a tour but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be anytime soon:

That’s going to be an at-my-pace kind of thing because I like to do things the real way. I have a live band onstage. My background singers are for real. My vocals are for real. I limit the computerization. So my goal is to have people come to a show and say, ‘Wow.’ And it’s not like I’m going to be everywhere. It’s going to be like, ‘Here I am. Come on out and see me if you can.

Whitney Houston on tour should definitely be a sight to see. Most people will probably go to check her out just to see if she can hold it together for a whole concert because she can barely make just performing one song on shows like Dancing with the Stars.

What are Ya’ll’s Thoughts on Whitney Touring???



  • itsrox

    Whitney….love her to death…but she need to go sit down somewhere.

  • Ms.Aj

    She looks pretty

  • sherockz1

    She needs to go sit down somewhere and gargle with SOMETHING cuz her voice is sooooooo gone!

  • Nique

    Yeah Whitney, we’ve seen your parenting skills on your show “Being Bobby Brown”

  • john

    By the time she’s ready to tour, her voice willhave improved. Glad to see her working on her relationship with her daughter.

    Who are we to question her parenting skills. Sounds like a good read.

  • chaka1

    Oh Whitney. Please stop doing interviews on your personal life.

  • MiszRachel

    It sounds like she is too much her friend. And I KNOW Whitney ain’t talking bout letting her speak her mind and be herself will keep her out the street a.k.a. doing wrong. Has she forgotten about that myspace incident when bobbi kris and her sister told the whole world how they like to kiss girls? Oh…and the pics of them holding liquor? Seems like bobbi kris is gone already…

  • Southern Cabbage Patch

    I wish I would curse in front of my mama…and I am 26yrs old!

    Respect is given to momz, regardless. Mama first, friends when you able to invite me to your own place.

  • shavondenise

    Whitney Houston is one of the best singers ever to walk the face of the Earth and us as a people need to realize it and pay homage. She doesnt owe us anything else because she has contributed enought. You dont have any singer that is out right now that doesnt mention Whitney as one of their idols. For every hater please go youtube her from 1979-2000 and let me know who was better. What I took from her comments is that she wants to make sure her vovals are there and we all know that there not. I respect her and I will be the one if not anyone else to say that she is the GOAT because I dont give people their props after their dead and gone (ie Michael Jackson).

  • singer

    She has already started touring overseas and is doing a great job….Check youtube

  • Jamillah

    I love Whitney! I’m old enough to remember when she first came out, and she was fantastic. Now that she is re-focusing on her music, the possibilities are endless. I hope she keeps it together and will stay around for a long time.

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady


  • holla

    u know u have to re-evaluate yourself when u hating on Whitney Houston. I mean seriously Whitney “Was On Da Crack But Making A Comeback” Houston, u gon hate on. SMFH wont even go in on anybody that’s just pathethic.

  • bossip_lies

    Funny, she just did 2 concerts in russia and made like $6-7 mil net. Check it on youtube and her voice is improving nicely. Check the vid where she does soul/rnb rendition of her pop classics. The power is back and she is getting her upper range back. So F-yall.

  • Zaaquir

    Not everyone voice stays the same as they get older. Just as our body change with age, our voice can also change. There are a lot of things that can have an effect on a person voice as they age. Drugs are not the only thing that can cause a person voice to change. With that said, who knows if Whitney voice would have stayed the same if she had never did drugs at all.

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