Natalie Nunn Finally Admits Chris Brown Chopped Her Down “I Smashed Da Homie!”

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Natalie Nunn told us in our Bossip Exclusive that Chris Brown chopped her Bad Girl cakes down. She denied it shortly after and so did Chris. In the interview under the hood, Natalie finally explains exactly how she knows Chrissy and if they chopped or not.

Pop the hood to get the scoop on this ordeal

Natalie, that was a very classy thing to do.

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  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer

    top 3

  • victoria_hasnosecrets

    ist in this b*tch

  • The Beast 1123

    This girl has a BIG Jay Leno Chin!!!!

  • victoria_hasnosecrets

    lol okay i guess not and why isd this news is she trying to become famous off sayin she slept with breezy this is def a hoe sit down moment

  • let the burner home

    ewwww 5th

  • Really Tho

    Hoe Disclosure 59. This s h i t is so so tired. Hoes stop living up to your names at least in public.

  • truth

    Chris does not know her… she was a one hitter quitter or something. She needs to have some kind of dignity. What happened to class and discretion. Ms Natalie has no shame…. smh

  • tim


  • Re


  • PINK[poison]

    So what???

  • THETRUTH!!!!

    okay umm no one really cares…she could be lieing but so could chris..her benefit she gets 15 min of fame…chris is ducking from the media all together becuz of rhianna so who really KNOWS OR CARES???????

  • KeepNit2Real

    Who cares? Chris beat them cakes….

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    She has got to be one of the most unattractive cast memebers yet. I have no idea why she thinks she’s so hot. She talks about how she runs LA. More like she got run over in LA. Truly ugly inside and out.

  • Alrighty Then...

    she is such a CRAZY loud-mouth wannabe, it’s sickening… and she is one of the ugliest chicks I have seen on reality TV… ugh…

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