*Exclusive* Chris Henry’s Fiancée Known For Domestic Violence, Has Drinking Problem

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Cincinnati Bengals Wide receiver, Chris Henry, is no stranger to trouble. He has been arrested several times and suspended from the NFL since he was drafted in 2005. In an effort to get his life back in order, Henry attempted to turn a new cheek, but his life at home was not that great.

A source close to the situation has exclusively told Bossip that Henry’s fiancée, Loleini Tonga has a history of domestic violence and a severe drinking problem. The source states, “I knew the next time Chris would get in trouble it would be because of that girl. She drinks all the time, they get into fights, and she has even bragged about getting into disputes with former boyfriends.”

Chris was injured after falling out the back of Tonga’s pickup truck after a heated argument. He was found on the side of the road with fatal injuries to his head. Currently homicide detectives are looking into the case. Henry and Tonga currently have two children together, and one child a piece from previous relationships.

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