More Baby News: Paula and Robin Thicke are Having a Boy

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In a recent interview Robin Thicke revealed that he and his wife Paula will be expecting a baby boy. More details under the hood.

Robin says he and his wife are looking forward to having a baby boy and he can’t wait to show his son all about women and music. Robin says he’s going to specifically teach his son how to respect a woman. How precious, so happy for these two.

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  • rella bella

    first!!! love robin thickeeeeeee =]

  • d303


  • Carol

    Congrats ya’ll!!!

  • valerie

    good for them!

  • Britchick91!

    didnt we know this already ?

  • !!!!!


  • enkogkneegro ( Uncle E...if you like )

    White men with black women are not as common in America as you might expect. Even though an eighth of American women are black, fewer than one married white man in 400 has a black wife! That cannot be an accident. Compare that to how many have Asian wives: about one in 100 – even though there are way fewer Asian women.

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  • enkogkneegro ( Uncle E...if you like )

    I’m all for love with whom ever loves you totally colorblind but that post was for the bitter sistas always talking about come on over to the white side they’ll treat you much better than black men, they see us as exotic and so on. This was a study done among white men, those same me who the bitter portray as their White Knights there to save them from the evil black man…..its a 06 study but I doubt that much has changed overall but if any more recent info is available I’ll post it…Don’t want some of my sistas to sound so bitter and ignorant…..

  • Janae

    They will make a BEAUTIFUL family!

  • smith.salome

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  • enkogkneegro ( Uncle E )


    I agree 100& and being biracial myself understand that its the mans charachter not his color thats important and I’ve seen men and women on both sides within my own family be stellar husbands and wives and vice versa. I want my daughter and grandchildren to be happy and treated well by whomever they chose to have in their lives period. The reality is that only 8% of black men date or marry outside their race and 2% of black women which is what 4 to 1 brothas swirling more than sistas its still only 8% of black men so why does that 8% percent get more acknowledgement than the 70% that don’t ( 22% deducted for gay or DL brothas ). Most black women don’t have relationships with white men so how can they be authorities of how white men treat sistas ( ( I suspect from other uninformed women or to many celebrity sites )who could care less if what they are saying but feel the need to throw something in a brothas face or have a get back for a overly perceived diss of black women. there is dissconnect between black men and black women and I don’t think its by accident. I can see why certain entities would love nothing more than the disolve of the black family structure by why do wee feed into it with such ferver. The media doesn’t promote the positive contributions of black people near as much as its failures and if going by our own black publications,radio shows, television shows and blogs neither do we…..why????

  • enkogkneegro ( Uncle E )

    I should have spell checked but I’m sure you get what I’m saying……Lata

  • enkogkneegro ( Uncle E )

    Looking back at the percentages its not quite 4 to 1 but more like 3 to 1 not that it changes the fact that more black men than women chose to be with women other than sistas. However when you filter out those that were raised in predominately white areas, work in white predominately fields or attend predominately white Colleges or Universties that dramatically cuts down the pecentage of selfhating individuals who marry or date outside of their race because they think it provides status……

  • yesssir

    someone needs a life cough uncle e

  • white male


    I usually agree with you but now I think you are kinda hating. Did you ever think that maybe the reason their aren’t as many black chicks with white guys was because of peer pressure from the black community? I know when I would walk around with my hottie from baldwin hills black guys would always stare us down and maybe have something to say, often times even hitting on her like I wasn’t even there.

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