The Ultimate Power Couple

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Barack & Michelle Obama grace the newest edition of Us Weeky where they talk about why she’s the apple of Obama’s eye. We’ve also included Gabrielle Union rockin that cute lil do on the cover and spread of Essence’s July issue.

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  • sickofit



    I love Gabby, but I DON’T love that wig.

  • Jahpson

    Mrs. Obama is so pretty

  • african_4_eva

    YES WE CAN!!!! They are so lovely…and Gabby is looking spectacular…and as far as the Hogans, SMH SMTIH!!!

  • Ms Sharmaine



    It’s about time US gave us a break from Angelina and Brad, whew (even though I love them). But it’s good to see a positive black couple.

  • african_4_eva


    How did you get your GRAVATAR pic to show?

  • lil latte


    go to they will help you

  • Celebrity CSI

    It’s about time US weekley showed some class. I said US weekley, not essence. Didn’t want my words twisted. lol

  • Celebrity CSI

    oops…minus the ‘e’.

  • african_4_eva

    Thanks lil latte!!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Great Couple!

  • {{ THE INFAMOUS}} Ms. Sugar Walls

    i just want to say something about the cover

    1) i love seeing people in love

    2)obama, looks really happy to have her by his side.

    3) linda hogan, really needs to stop! I think that she is so selfish! Her and the hulk has been married for 20 something years, and I think that he wrestled his ass off to make her and his kids comfortable! It appears that she didn’t have to lift a finger..and NOW she is skipping with some 18 year old?? HOW is he going to help her pay her bills…YALL know that the hulk is footing the bill for the both of them. AND She have kids that are they know what is going on, and then she want to police to lock him up(HULK) MAN..he better get a good lawyer, and tell that flat ass having b*tch to get a job! and her f*ck boy too

  • Lou in the Chi

    Okay Ms. Suga now you tripping. Being a wife is a job and she deserves half. Period. He cheated on her with one of Brooke’s friends. At least she waited until they were seperated (shoulda waited for the divorce, but oh well). So he needs to pay whatever the courts ordered him to pay go straight to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

  • Lady Architect

    This cover of Barack and Michelle looks wonderful. You can see the non staged love between them.

    Gabby looks wonderful and has natural true beauty. Any woman that can wear any length of hair and still beautiful is naturally pretty. Some women hide behind their hair for beauty.

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