Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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Queen Latifah is suing the production company behind her film “The Perfect Holiday”:

“The rapper-turned-actress’ lawyers have filed a lawsuit on her behalf in Manhattan, New York, claiming bosses at Perfect Christmas Productions breached her contract and owe her $275,000 (GBP137,500) for a cameo role in the comedy. Latifah, real name Dana Owens, co-produced the 2007 movie, which starred Terrence Howard and Gabrielle Union.”

SMH. This movie critic from pretty much sums it our thoughts on this issue: “Queen Latifah…just showed up enough in The Perfect Holiday to either pick up a paycheck or return some kind of mysterious unpaid debt to [the writer-director].”



  • Hannibal

    She needs to sue her trainer becuz she still looks like Moby Dick!

  • Aunt Viv

    I don’t even remember the movie…

  • Hannibal

    Thats becuz the movie sucked, just like her!

  • Aunt Viv


  • african_4_eva


  • Aalimah

    If she showed up enough to make the final cut, they need to give her what she is owed. I love Latifah and I hope she wins. She is not one to file baseless suits.

  • Celebrity CSI

    lol@Hannibal…honey you shouldn’t even use the ‘d’ word in the same sentence as this broad. Her don’t know what THAT is…& her don’t wanna know. lol

  • Lou in the Chi

    Her and TH had extremely small roles, but is she has a contract, she gets that money.

  • Hannibal

    She deserves a lifetime supply of slim fast!

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    Aunt Viv & Hannibal :lol:

  • I'm Just Me

    what movie is this? i don’t know but i didn’t see it. But that sounds like a lot for a minute or two of a role that you produced.

  • Celebrity CSI

    @e.n.v.y me


  • Hannibal

    King Latifah needs to put down that coffee and take his 900 pound ass for a jog with his ugly ass thing he calls a girlfriend!

  • http://deleted John D Hater

    Instead of chasing down this money she needs to chase down a rabbit and lose some more weight!!!

  • http://deleted John D Hater

    Not only would she eat it but I think she would prefer it raw!!!!!!

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