True Or False: Jennifer Hudson Knocked Up Again Already

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With her first child, David Daniel Otunga Jr, only four-months-old, could Jennifer Hudson be pregnant again already?
That newlywed sex must be something serious because Star Magazine is saying that J-Hud and hubby David Otunga, AKA Punk from “I Love New York,” discovered they were expecting yet AGAIN on December 10th.

A friend tells the tabloid, “Jennifer was in total shock when she found out she was having another baby. She had wanted some space between the kids’ ages.(But) she and David love kids. It’s another thing for them to celebrate during the holidays.”

There’s no official word from Jennifer’s camp yet, but then again last time she tried to fake folks out like she was just eatin’ good until the baby popped out. Let’s see how long she tries to front this time.

Oh yeah, by the way … Congratulations!



  • Scared of Lamar and Khloe reproducing all of the ugly genes

    Or could she be just FAT AS HELL like she has ALWAYS been.

    After Klhoe Kardashian and Sherri Shepard- J Hud has the worst shape EVER

  • drenk

    thas just a GUT FULL OF PIZZA not gut full of human

  • e-ka

    good for her.

  • Cleopatra James

    First! Congrats!

  • $ Get cha Weight Up (You STILL makin' that??) formerly Kami All Day

    Maybe her hubby is the new black Kevin Federline??

    Keep ‘er barefoot and pregnant so he can cake up?

    Hope she doesnt shave her head anytime soon.

  • blaq

    Congrats…. you know once you have the first baby you are super fertile. Best to get it out of the way and have the kids close in age.

  • $ Get cha Weight Up (You STILL makin' that??) formerly Kami All Day

    LMBAO @ drenk!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • girly

    a gut full of human , lol

  • John D. Hater


  • Pearl

    What does it matter anyway! She is a grown @$$ woman…Congrats if she is…another child means another blessing :-)..

  • DC Cj

    It’s her business if she is or isn’t. If she can provide for her children without my tax dollars then let her do her thing.

  • Acknbad

    Am I the only one that noticed it said that she’s due on December 10th??? WTF? She’s gonna be pregnant for a year?

  • Acknbad

    Wait… or did they find out on December 10th..? My bad…

  • Vonne Loca


    No, they mean that on December 10th she found out that she was pregnant with kid #2. That date is not the due date.

  • Peace

    Not good. There is a thing called birth control methods.

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