Soulja Boy Strikes Back

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“Ice T is old as f**k – Ice T is the forefather of my nuts…” Soulja Boy rips into Ice T for telling him to “eat a d**k.” SMH at his punk-ass goons in the background on some d**k ridin’ “canned laughter” shyte.

Click HERE to watch Soulja Boy’s response.


  • bay girl


  • uncle ben


  • blu majic


  • uncle ben


  • blu majic

    well, i thought i was 1st….3rd!! lol!!

  • Florina

    Ice T is beyond right. I wanna say “artist like…” but his work is not art, it’s crap and garbage. Rap and Hip Hop used to be about empowering young black people, but the crap that he’s spewing is only keepin’ us in the gutter. I didn’t watch his responce, what’s the point? I don’t think someone who wrote a song like “superman…” can form a logical and well rounded retoric to Ice T’s statement.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket--the woman, the myth, the legend

    Soulja Boy should have rehearsed his comeback before making a video…this made him look even LAMER.

  • pretty

    souljah boy is a kid. what is he supposed to rap about. thats like someone coming at Bow Wow back when he first came out.

    ICE T need to go sit down someowhere and give his Dark N Lovely Perm a touch up.

  • Sharie

    Boy I tell u what, these young dudes have no sense or respect for the ones that come before them. Plus they have actual SKILLS instead of a lame GIMMICK. Soulja dont wanna mess with the Old School G’s…..

  • Jani

    Oh please, Ice T is right soulja boy is wack as hell, what happened that guy 1 here comes the 2 to 3 to 4 ery body get tipys… yea him that will be soulja boy soon. He and a few other chumps are messing up the rap game. He knows nothing about real hip hop, his just a band wagon while its hot, when people finally release that hip hop needs its respect back and people have the power to not make people like Soulja Boy rich they will demand that this crap does not come out. Please people Nas, KRS 1, Tupac, Biggie, Run DMC, you want to put Soulja boy in the same bracket. Soulja Boy aint said nothing intellegent with his goons sitting behind laughing like its high school.

  • The Brown Hornet

    LOTFLMAO @Negrodamus Believes…

    On a school bus HA!!!

  • Vinandi

    lmao!! foolwangy material indeed!!!!

    he is just a corney kid and ICE T an old assed pimp!!!

  • persona

    ICe-T may be partially right but ICe-T was always a horrible rapper. And, now he’s married to a horrible skank. Like, think about it, what was a good Ice-T song? He’s never had one. He was only relevant because of other good west coast rappers.

  • GrowUP ICE T

    Soulja Boy is right. Ice T is acting real immature. At what point to you grow up?

  • What the...

    When Souljah Boy stays relevant for 20 years, then I’ll still ignore him. I’m actually curious when Souljah boy see’s Ice T, and says this to his face, what would happen?

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