SMH: Tiger Woods Allegedly Checking Into Rehab for His Addiction to Skanky Becky Backs

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Apparently your boy “Cheetah” can’t control his peter and is taking drastic measures to get his life together. In a last-minute effort to save whatever marriage he does have, Tiger Woods is considering getting help for his sexual desires and infidelity issues. Check out the details on the flipside.

An insider says Tiger is willing to do anything his wife says to keep her with him. The decision to get therapy is part of a deal struck with wife Elin Nordegren to persuade her not to dump him. Rehab is at the top of the list of things he must do and Tiger plans to go into rehab in early January to treat his sexual compulsion and his use of the drugs Ambien and Vicodin.

Tiger who recently quit his golf profession broke down and admitted he had a problem and needed therapy. Hmmm… we’ll see how far this gets him.


  • Miss♥Grant


  • CWriter

    This mess is going too far – must we know each and every detail of this man’s life? Dang! Besides she’ll leave him as soon as she gets the low-down on how much she can get from him. She’s probably glad he got caught first and not her. Why quit your freaking career over something that can be resolved. What a waste to the profession of golf.

  • Walter

    This is a good move on his part, he needs the up.

    I support him.

  • CWriter

    …and rehab? lets get real! He may say he’ll do whatever his wife says, but that bs will wear thin soon and he may very well dump her butt. But at least she won’t have to go back to domestic work now that her last name is Woods.


    They are really showin Tiger how black his a.s.s is now…

  • joe m esquivel

    leave the man alone. there is no ever lasting love when you have that much money on hand. men will always be on the look out for extra sex. he should have been more careful. you never undo your zipper to close to your cave.

  • Mandingo Warrior

    It would of been the same or probably worse if he married a Black woman. Yall need to stop hating cuz he married a white woman.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    @Mandingo Warrior

    100% Cosign.

    I don’t why people think it would have been better if he married a black woman. Those comments are the height of ignorance to me.

    Frankly, I’m glad he DIDN’T marry a black woman, because I would hate to see a black woman go through this type of public humiliation because her husband couldn’t keep it in his pants.

  • Ms. EJ

    that their are people*

  • joe m esquivel

    this is when all you bigots come out of the closet. a man is man no matter what color he is. when a rich non white screws up all you bigots come out like stink on shit!!!!!!

  • JC 'o Bklyn

    If Tiger never got caught, he probably would’ve surpassed Wilt Chamberlain’s score; ever though their sports are different.

  • Eye

    he should let her go and keep it moving. His career is young. There is no real love there anyway, at least as far as I can tell.

  • 2Hotmindi

    Who cares, let her leave. If he cheated on her he didn’t care about her in the first place. Have a broken heart and trat the next one better! New news please!!!

  • YNV Me

    whr the hell did u hear/read that HE actually admitted that he needed help??? where’s the “source” on this one?? not that would even b a reliable source…i want to hear tiger talk!

  • perfectasdusk

    LmGDAO @ skanky becky backs

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