Would You Buy The Home Where Jennifer Hudson’s Mother And Brother Were Murdered?

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We can understand why Jennifer Hudson would want to sell the Chicago home where her family was brutally murdered, but we imagine it’s going to be pretty hard to get new tenants…

JENNIFER HUDSON wants to sell the Chicago, Illinois home where her mother and brother were murdered in a tragic killing spree. The singer/actress was left grief-stricken in October, 2008 when her mum Darnell Donerson and brother, Jason, were found shot dead at the property. The body of her seven-year-old nephew, Julian King, was found in an abandoned car three days later. The home in the suburb of Englewood is now jointly owned by Hudson and her sister Julia, mother of Julian.

But Hudson is struggling to convince her sibling to agree to put the place up for sale, because she’s not ready to move on, reports the National Enquirer.

A source tells the tabloid, “Jennifer still breaks down at the thought of her mother being shot and dying on the living room floor. But Julia has told Jennifer that she has nothing left and no one left in her life to hold on to, and she’s just not ready to let go of the house.”

Julia’s estranged husband, William Balfour, was held responsible for the triple tragedy and has pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree murder and home invasion.

A spokesperson for the singer was not available for comment as WENN went to press.

We feel for Julia and Jennifer, but Julia may end up getting her wish to hold on to the house anyway because the murders will probably scare away potential buyers. Would you want to live where two people were viciously gunned down?


  • 2Sweet

    No I definitely wouldn’t knowingly buy a house w/that history. But I don’t think that it will keep her from selling the house. People buy homes with a violent history all the time. You never know what went down in the place you’re currently inhabiting unless you do some research.

  • I am tireeeeed!!!!!!

    no definitely not

  • Mock Rock Star

    I wouldn’t buy anything on the South Side of Chicago

  • http://pimpinadvice.blogspot.com/ pimpin

    ill buy it

  • lele5000

    NAA UH!


    hell no, they can keep that sh*t

  • jessica towns

    i lived in the englewood area in i won’t take my dog for a walk in that area let lone buy a house there.

  • Oh Pleeze

    First of all, Englewood is not a suburb! It is a neighborhood community on the southside of Chicago. Secondly, I wouldn’t buy that house or any other house in that community because it is a high crime area.

  • http://copthat.com CLICK ME PLEASE!!

    in englewood? not. bye. bye.

  • EnglewoodStar

    LMAO @ suburb of Englewood, it’s not a suburb, its a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

  • memchee

    it’s located in the ghett, therefore some investor with thoughts of housing voucher income will buy that property.

    it’s quite possible to sell it.

  • http://GuessWhatBitchessss!!! tina

    First, First and hell to the naw…..

  • http://yahoo anonymous

    Sorry but hell to the no I wouldn’t never ever buy a house that is known as a crime house or crime area. It is a house in the poor neighborhood of the getto. Knowing that someone was murdered in that house, no not in this lifetime. Sorry even if the house was a gift I wouldn’t want it.

  • fresh air

    Absolutely NOT!!

  • Sexy&Smart

    @ Mock, co-sign…murders ain’t really the issue.

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