When The Checks Stop Coming In

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The DS or downward spiral just won’t end for your boy Pacman Jones. Pac who was banned from the NFL for all kinds of legal problems and tried to get into the wrestling game, now has his two million dollar crib up for foreclosure. Poor thang.



  • Nurse GiGi

    correction *whack

  • YOGI


  • Stephy

    You mean to tell me he can’t make it rain on his mortgage company…but he can make it rain at strip club. Isn’t that a bi*ch!

  • Nurse GiGi


  • j man

    goldderbyforums.latimes.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3226059864/m/134106271 – 143k –

  • Somer

    One of the news storys that came across the bottom of CNN this morning was a woman involved in one of his many nightclub bawls was found dead. Apparently she died from a fall. THE SAME WAY EDDIE MURPHY’S TRANNY DIED??????? I was like, damn! I hope she wasn’t suing Pacman cause it’s about to get ugly. I heard of profession fixers but damn. They are working OT in Hollywood.

  • I Hate the Cowboys

    I hope like hell that he doesn’t get to play for the faggot ass Cowboys. He needs to have his ass under the jail cause he is ignorant and stupid just like the fools in Dallas.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    This is the n*gga who took $81,000 into a strip club in vegas during the 2007 NBA allstar game festivities, He was flashing all that money, threw some in the air, caused a damn near riot and the manager, employee and a customer were shot.

  • Kat

    Please don’t tell me the women he was invoved with were not black.

  • http://dyma.com Dyma

    K forget all the legal crap..

    his name is PACMAN!?!


  • ptiffany

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  • Scott

    sad sad sad

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  • Pedsdmd

    Dumbass should have sold his house..

  • IhopeMYbabychosecollegeOVERhipHOP

    THAT’S WHAT HE GETS. AI,RON ARTET AND OTHERS WILL BE NEXT. They just can’t let this “fake” hood image go. they kill me when it’s time to do jail time they be punking up. All these over paid Atheletes MAKE me sick!

  • kigali Weaves R4 Trannies


    I didnt even know who the guy was until I read about the woman falling to her death. I aint one to gossip… A shame really.

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