Suspect Kim K’s Few Seconds of Fame Almost Up

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Suspect Kim K

The ho wars have begun this summer and the suspect Kim K who was featured in Smooth magazine is under attack from the real one:

Hi Everyone,

I am angry and disappointed to hear that people are going around a Houston, Texas, nightclub pretending to be me and pretending to work with me, lying and conning my friends and fans.

A man in Houston has been selling tickets and promoting me and my image without my permission – and you know who you are – and taking a look-a-like to clubs pretending to be me, but hiding behind dark sunglasses and curtains – refusing to meet or speak to anyone. THIS IS NOT ME!

The truth is, I was not in Houston this week and have no plans to come to Texas until the end of June. I am so so sorry that there are bad people in this world who take advantage of you and me, but I promise when I am going to appear somewhere you can check it’s authenticity on my website.

So Houston – I love you and I’m sorry!!!! Please spread the word about these con artists!



The fake Kim K needs to step up her ho up game, By the look of her steez in the pic up top, this sh*t right here is going to flame out in any second.



  • maurice

    who cares about any of these tramps?

  • chivonne

    dayum that crazy…..first

  • chivonne

    oops, * that’s fault

  • chivonne

    daaangg Maurice >:(

    guess i aint 1st

  • ms braided beauty chicagos own

    damn aint that a b@tch… a fake sl@t impersonating a real fake sl@t….. what has this world come to!

  • Nurse GiGi

    Is that the fake Amerie next to her?LMAO. These people are something else.

  • Tryin' 2 find a Screen name

    she doesnt even look like the real kim , and who cares anyway

  • Negrita Tan Rica

    Doesn’t look like Kim but it does look like her sister Kloe. Too much makeup either way. My face itches looking at that pic.


    you said “please spread the word or spread your legs kim you fake ass sit down hoe/ please spread your legs that what you mean got you

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    damn, ya’ll deep south/west mofo’s are something!

  • {{ THE INFAMOUS}} Ms. Sugar Walls




  • Jahpson

    gross!! thumbs down

  • Melissa

    yall are late on this.

    oh, and she looks nothing like her.

    kim is way prettyier.

  • dqueen

    Kim is GORGEOUS! who the hell is this fool tryin to fool? Oh no honey!! and that makeup ain’t right

    They must be stupid in Texas to fall for that!

    I hope she get jail time.

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