Lil Mama Speaks On Nicki Minaj And Bringing Up Young Girls To “Respect Theyself”

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If there was ever a female rapper more ridiculous than Nicki Minaj, it’d have to be Lil Mama… Pop the top to find out what the lip gloss queen has been sayin’ about Young Money’s crown jewel…



  • Kitty

    Where has Lil Mama been at , she looks old for her age sometimes.

  • BapBarbie


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  • http://unFOURgettable Monica

    Nicki is the best!!! Lil Mama’s a 3 star

  • mstes

    nikki alright and lil mama go hard then her and nikki look better than lil mama.

  • nywoman23

    foolish talking about niki is the best. at what?, degrading herself pls


    i wanna know who appointed this bobble head, big face having b*tch the voice of the young people or the voice of young women.. um, last time i checked your sh*t FLOPPED. and so will Nicki’s. NEXT

  • http://comcast g.d.c

    Respect yourself YounLadies!!! I’m feelin Lil’ Mama on that…

  • Sylmarvelous

    Did anyone ask for Lil Mama’s opinion or she just talking to be talking?!…I mean, nothing wrong with wanting people to respect themselves but I’m pretty sure Nicki Minaj is enjoyin ALL the attention she’s getting while she showing her azz all the damn time!

  • I'm just me

    So is what Lil Mama saying NOT TRUE because you find her to be wack?

    She just said she wants young ladies to respect themselves and all you got to say is that her album flopped. Umm…lovely.

  • Plain Jane

    Def not a Lil’ Mama fan, but I get what she says. Nicki is not a role model, BUT it’s obvious that she’s not aspiring to be one. So sad; she’s talented, but decides to take the Lil’ Kim path?? Tsk tsk; that’s too easy Nicki…

  • 2Sweet

    Nicki can’t rap, but as far as her gimmick it’s nothing new. Kim was doing it when I was in elementary/middle/high school, so what?

  • Black people wake up

    Lil mama is right, nicki minaj degrades herself. She isn’t lady like, nicki minaj teaches young girls how to be a plastic barbies, how to be promiscuous, and how to speak in ebonics. Lil mama might not be as big as nicki minaj but lil mama has never once resorted to acting like a wh0re in public. lil mama respects herself.

  • Maygan

    Ha Ha she looks like Neffe sometimes, without Frankie of course

  • Ray Realtalk

    I still have my 16.00 tucked away waiting for
    them to drop something worth buying & listening to.


    lil mama = looooooooooooooooooooooooooooser


    happy holidays!

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