Gabby *Break A* Union and Pucker Mouthed Dwyane Wade

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Gabby and D. Wade were spotted on the beach over the holidays coupled up. We haven’t heard of D. Wade’s divorce being final but the fact that him and Siohvaughn are legally separated is obviously enough for Gabby to keep getting banged out. More flicks of the twosome under the hood.


  • nywoman23


  • anewme

    Wow…some women have no shame :(

  • Air It Out!!!

    yeah she could have waited until the divorce was final. Thats a little messy dont ya think?

  • What the F*ck is Next??

    She’s a high-priced wh*re as are the rest of them.

    Females in Hollywood love to put that halo up, acting like their sh*t dont stink.

    When in fact, they are just….like I said,”higher priced” wh*res.

  • http://yahoo ssquared

    Yeah…she’s messy. And I really try to like her. But this takes the cake. Trifling

  • KeepNit2Real

    wow Gabby…can’t wait eh? I guess A Keys gave you some pointers…

  • Peep The Video Here


  • WordtotheWise

    Same comments as usual. I guess since HE was the one who was married, he should take no responsibility in his adulterous affair, right? Gabby didn’t force him to sleep w/her. Surely HE was the homewrecker, but people can’t get that through their noggins so proceed. Maybe we should get over it and let God handle them. Just a suggesting. That is all.

  • WordtotheWise

    Correction: just a SUGGESTION…

  • Zoogley

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  • WhatAWorld

    First it seems like Gabby was dating D.Wade before A.Keys and Swizz.Second,stop blaming the woman,is his “married” A$$ that stepped out and obviously they weren’t happy.Yes,I know the bible and the rules but why stay in an unfulfilled relationship your only cheating yourselves.Also the problem with people is that they confront the wrong one.You need to dog D.Wade,but I guess this is when that double standard comes and the woman’s rep gets dragged through the mud!Ugh,bullshyt today!

  • TehYay

    Is the nukka really wearing socks will slippers? Really?!

  • Divine

    OK. Haven’t they been together like a couple of years now?

    Isn’t his marriage over and done?
    Legally or not, its obviously over.

  • carla

    do you Gabby do you boo

  • chaka1

    If the home was already wrecked, it ain’t Gabby’s fault. The couple has separated and is in the process of moving on. Go head, Gabby…

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