Survey Says: Yeezy Got A BIG Ego! Kanye Beats Out Competition In Jerk Poll

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The people have spoken, and they agree… Kanye West is a DOUCHEBAG! A huge majority of people voted for the rapper as the most egotistical male celeb in a recent poll. Pop the hood to find out what the numbers were and who his competition was.

Yeezy pulled out a landslide victory in the egotistical male category in a poll. West earned 46% of votes, while Donald Trump picked up 27% and Simon Cowell gained 13% of the vote.


  • whiteberry

    and even one of them bought his album..
    first again..hoes

  • Seriously

    Whiteberry Grow up!!

  • resurrected

    Hollywood builts you up to have a ego knowing that soon people will get tried of it and try to tear you down for it… I see having an ego as valuable as having a empty bank account they are both pointless and really serve no good… I see nothing that Kayne ego has done for him much but to only destroy a lot of things in his life…

  • drenk

    along with douchebag can’t forget sissy boy fancy lad

  • B3 Fearless

    This was a waste of a blog topic. Next!

  • Nique

    Im still trying to understand why ol boy thought he was the sh!!t-I mean dude has a f*uckin metal plate in his mouth!

  • LaDiva

    haa as if i’m surprised by this at all…
    this aint got nothing to do with taylor swift.
    kanye’s been arrogant for a long azz time.

  • L-Dub

    How is Diddy not #1.. I still *heart* Kanye

  • BapBarbie


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  • dayg715

    ok, after all the beeyotchazznezz he’s been doing since day one, it took him dissing a white girl for people to admit that he’s a douchebag?

  • B'more

    kanye is douchebag supreme, always has been, but all the success Taylor Swift had this year she owes to him.

  • NellieNel

    Pathetic. Man has issues!!

  • JUDY

    Wtf is a DOUCHEBAG????? LOL! Do yall have any black writers?LOL!!!I don’t care what those white azz polls say,I still love me some crazy azz Kanye West.


    @ Nique
    Girl you are too crazy!!

  • ms. h town, tx


    AND AMBER TOO!!!!! LOL!!! NEXT…………..

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