Supermodel Spent Up! Naomi Campbell Is Broke And Ready To File Bankruptcy

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Is Naomi Campbell considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

So say the tweets! Fashion blogger @jcreportglobal tweeted as much this afternoon:

“Word on the street is that Naomi Campbell is about to file for Chapter 11”

She keeps a Russian billionaire on her arm, but with her expensive habits and plenty of legal trouble she just might be having a hard time making her bottom line.

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  • If you never graduated, then your NOT educated

    she cant call on her billionaire boyfriend to cough up some stacks real quick?

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    Yah, let that white n*ggah pay yo bills!! LOL!! Gold!!!

  • deesac

    I guess the grass is not greener no money , and your white boyfriend takes off faster then you can blink your eye.

  • drenk

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Try blaming white people for this too!

  • what that?

    she knows where the money and fools are at…right there in europe,where white men love them some black women!!!! are we surprised at about her being broke…no… she would never hook up with brother… not in europe or america…if she would just humble herself some and get off those drugs…she will be ok…

  • resurrected

    Even though she is with a billionarie who touches her puzzy in public well then I guess that let everyone else know what her position really is because when a man really loves you he will also help you when you need it…He will also help you with you needing to ask him for help..

  • hmmm

    What? White guy can’t pay her bills..c’mon… I guess the puzzy isn’t that great.

  • resurrected

    This woman has treated people so bad I know that she new that her krama was coming soon and if her man don’t help her not sure if she will have any friends that will because she is the type of person that like to destroy all of her bridges…

  • resurrected


    She just haven’t fought a real person yet that is her problem someone that would beat her azz like they were fighting in the streets..



  • http://bossip miss dior

    Am not surprised, she’s always paying lawyers to defend her…She needs to chill.

  • noelle

    Can’t he just pay for everything??

  • Miss B

    And she may not ask her boyfriend to pay b/c she will no longer be bankrupt and people can start back suing her b/c of her temper.

  • The Businesswoman

    I try to comment on issues like this but, unfortunately, I have so many issues of my own . . . I can’t. However, I can say that she does not represent the entire black community and/or black women. Hopefully she can get her shiz together because with a little TLC she can make it a lot further than where she is now. But if she keeps this shiz up . . . I’ll have some entertainment and relief for quite a while.

  • white male

    Her boyfriend probably doesn’t get her sour attitude because she knows he can drop her quick.

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