Remember B5???

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Remember B5, the modern-day version of the Jackson 5??? They were a group of brothers from St. Petersburg, FL that were signed to Bad Boy Records but it’s no surprise that their careers ended up in the gutter. So, where are they now, what do they look like… Let’s Just Say VIOLATED!!!

Pop it for the New and Improved B5

What is Wrong with This Picture???

Rumor has it that they have signed to Upfront Megatainment, ran by Devyne Stephens, the same label that signed Akon and T-Pain. After Diddy chewed them up and spit them out, hopefully they still have a chance in the music industry but with this new look, this sh*zz looks a little suspect.

B5 ft. Bow Wow and Diddy sounding like Jermaine Dupri:

Images Via Carnell B.

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  • deniro1974

    i remeber them…ages ago they used to be big.

  • Keepnit100

    Damn shame…poor thangs!

  • Cali

    Oh My…why do they look like Michael Jackson reincarnated ;-/

  • collegegrl

    They look like a whole bunch of Michael Jacksons.

  • drenk

    stay in school kids

  • http://Bossip Lefty

    Im mad the whole group look like sweettarts thats such a waiste of cuteness and good hair. They look like a reject El Debarge. Sweet bum cheeks lil boys…..

  • Bey-nonsense

    lololololol @ don’t like me- an inferno no a wildfire!

  • Fashionized Diva

    ewwww they look scary

  • Re

    These damn Stallionaires look-a-likes…

  • pynk♥

    Why am I not surprised they all look gay? lol

  • Re

    “Does she love me…does she love me not?!”

    ~Stallionaires (LMAO…horrible)

  • Indigogg

    FLAME ON!!!

  • Get Real

    They look like a bootleg a$$ Debarge group. NEXT………..

  • Man, I just don't care™

    Someone really needs to stop Chris Stokes.

  • Man, I just don't care™

    Maybe they are trying to become a girl group. Big void missing after Destiny’s Child broke up…

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