Hottie is Royalty With Glasses and a Jheri Curl

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Anyone who has watched the first season of Flavor of Love or this season’s Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School is fully aware that Hottie aka Schatar Taylor is a special character. In a recent interview with Essence she adds validity to the idea of her being one delusional broad. She discusses the show, her “fashion sense”, and why she has a wonky eye. When asked if she learned anything etiqutte wise from being on Charm School she stated:

As far as etiquette, I am a true descendant of royalty so I learned at an early age about proper manners, table settings and such. When I agreed to do the show I did it thinking I’d have the opportunity to do volunteer work of some kind and make a difference that way.

She also said she would have donated 10% of the $50,000 Charm School winnings if she had been the victor of the show. I just love how she is so into donating and volunteering, but $5,000 ain’t sh*t to royalty descendents. But, we all know she means well!

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