Tiger Woods Daddy:MARRIAGE is UNNECESSARY!!!

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Tiger’s father Earl Woods was quoted on how he warned Tiger about marriage..

Over a previous lunch with a reporter Earl was quoted saying:

“I’ve told Tiger that marriage is unnecessary in a mobile society like ours.”  Tiger Woods’s parenting role model was his father, Earl, who was committed to rearing him after having two sons and a daughter in a failed first marriage. Earl, a retired Army officer, attributed the divorce to military obligations that took him away from the family.

SMH. Is marriage that overrated???



  • whiteberry

    overrated for celebrity who are megarich

  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer

    keepin it realer than a mugg

  • Sylmarvelous

    Hmm, was daddy psychic?! lol

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Agree with @Whiteberry, what is the point of megarich celebs and celebs in general getting married? Even the unmarried ones can’t stay together…Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins just broke up.

  • P@N@M@Be@uTy

    WOW…What a father figure. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And yeah noone forced Tiger to cheat on his wife, but look at what raised him. The military is different from playing golf and I am pretty sure that you can have a stable and nice marriage playing pro-golf. Sure being in the military can break a lot of homes, but there are those who are still together and growing strong together. His father needs to stop blaming other ‘things’ for his son’s wrong-doings. But hey, Tiger did what he wanted to do.

  • Gimmeabreak 78

    Of course marriage is overrated if you can’t keep it in your pants–but then again, so is HIV.

  • P@N@M@Be@uTy

    WAIT A SEC…HIS DAD DID DIE ON MAY 3rd 2006. R.I.P., but why would you guys bring him up like as if he was still alive? This is so dumb. Even I was confused, lol.

  • jtwista

    its sad. i wish marriage was sanctuary like it used to be. it makes me sick how ppl disrespect the value and meaning of marriage nowadays. wtv

  • lala

    Marriage isn’t overrated. It’s just guys like Tiger don’t need to be married. Plus being someones wife sounds a lot better than being someones “baby’s mama”. UGH.


    Tiger dad was on point . Yes marriage is over rate and it’s definitely unnecessary in a modern society.
    Tiger woods should have taken his father advice and F U C K as many P U S S Y as he want without having the media all over is business.

  • Ann

    It’s only overrated if you marry someone to make other people happy. When you find someone and you are both committed it is a beautiful thing. It happens more than you think. The problem is that we only talk about the failures and the so-called celebrities who are on ego trips.

  • bigd


    What does commitment have to do with marriage? A legal contract between two parties really means nothing if both parties are not willing to abide by it. Furthermore you can have “spiritual love” in a relationship without marriage just as you can within marriage. But honestly I think that due to the change in societies values the institution of marriage in today’s world is really not a necessity as it once was previously.

  • Sage

    I thought I were the only person who thought that marriage was unnecessary.
    Why do people make this mistake over and over again.

    If we were meant to be with one person for the rest of our lives, we would be born with a neurological mechanism that allows us to bond with only one person.

    We are not born with said mechanism so a majority of marriages are bound to fail.

    In other word being stick with one person for the rest of your life is unnatural.

  • Gimmeabreak 78


    What is so functional *about* promiscuity?

  • flawda

    Marraige is great, for women. As a man we sacrifice more, most men don’t grown up saying i can’t wait to meet my wife. All marraige is, is a reason for women to get comfortable aka letting herself go.

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