Are You Feelin This Get Up??

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T-Pain took the stage of the 2008 BET Awards wearing this abnormally tacky get up complete with glitter-tipped boots and the signature top-hat. Images from the 2008 BET Awards press room are in the thumbs.

A couple of blasts from the past are just on the flipside.

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  • breezy

    no i am not

  • The Devil Is A Liar

    Teena Marie … please teach some of these girls how to sing. You were truly slept on.

  • MilitarysoulmateDOTcom

    i am not first???

    ok i am in the top 10~!

  • mjoylaw

    T-Pain is the mf man but this George Clinton azz outfit and that slo mo azz thang he was doin on stage are not the business

  • http://deleted Nothing nice

    He’s on some old school Busta Rhyme shyte back when Butsa dropped “The coming” But Busta played the clown caricature way better. I really miss Busta Bust sometimes.

  • mjoylaw

    Diddy had already started the party for he got up there

    Rihanna better win right noww..

  • mjoylaw

    awww damn:) AK

  • DVE

    Nothing but a HAM…Hot A** Mess. Even though he did kill it with his performance.

  • mjoylaw

    Ak shoutin out her man Kerry “Krucial” oh well guess she aint with Swizzy

  • mjoylaw

    Thank you for some nice dressed females in this post finally!

  • And.....(with 5 dots)

    T-Payne is smelling himself. I’m still trying to figure out why he’s on everybody’s tracks. He took Roger Troutman’s style.

    Did they cut Lil Wayne’s performance b/c it was like 1 minute.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    HELL NO!!!! I am not feeling that clown suit and he should smack whoever made that crap!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Ain’t nobody sleeping on Teena Marie but the new generation (kids) that don’t know NOTHIN’ bout that!!!!

  • MsDadeCounty

    I Love me sum T-pain!

  • MsDadeCounty

    T Boz looked upset on stage. Did anyone catch dat?

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