Tiger’s Bottom Becky Spends New Years Without the Cheetah

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Elin is officially over Tiger and his ho a*s:

Tiger Woods’ wife has taken her heartbreak to new heights – the French Alps. Scorned Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren headed to a luxury chalet near the swank resort of Chamonix to celebrate New Year’s – and her 30th birthday – with her nearest and dearest.

And that didn’t include the golf great who was unmasked in November as a serial philanderer with at least a dozen mistresses. Nordegren arrived in France a couple of days after Christmas with her twin sister Josefin and five close pals, London’s Sun reported Saturday. They stayed in a posh seven-bedroom chalet away from the main resort, and a French security team was hired to protect their privacy.

The mother of two spent much of her time inside the $8,000-a-night hideaway, but she did take a stroll in sleek ski togs. Although the cozy chalet has its own chef, she went out with her sister and friends to the Swedish-owned restaurant Munchie on New Year’s Eve. They sat at a table away from the crowds and feasted on a special tasting menu, according to the Swedish paper Expressen.

At midnight, the party ordered a champagne toast to celebrate the arrival of 2010 and her and Josefin’s birthday. “They seemed to thrive,” waitress Linn Lindquist told the paper.

Woods, 34, was nowhere in sight – and he hasn’t been seen with Nordegren since he crashed his SUV outside their Florida home the morning after Thanksgiving.



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  • 1979 a lady was born 2009 a b**** was created

    1st…………………im wit u girl eff them sorry ninjas in 2010 we dont need ya sorry bastids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • learn to love yourself

    That’s right Elin you don’t have to say with Tiger just because he’s the one with the money$$. Money can’t and will not buy your happiness that’s for sure!! Holding your own ground is what makes you stringer.. And I wouldn’t put it pass him to have been jealous for her he probably was accusing her like most cheaters usually do . Then BAM Tiger you got taught!! Now you’re running like a dog with your tail hidden between your legs!! Be a Man Offer an public apology to your wife like Kobe did Vanessa..

  • ackee

    she’s livin’ high on the hog with guess who’s ducketts! Tiger was the best thing that ever happened to that girl!

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  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    she’s just making 30? some ppl don’t age well at all. she doenst look old but i would’ve never guessed she was 29 …smh

  • HA!

    She turned 30??? daymn when I was 30, Im partying up with my girls no kids no ho husband to stress me. I still look younger than her.

  • satch

    de sade you are right tiger had zero business getting married.

  • satch

    you know tiger just did not hand her 300 million that stupid

  • the lioness

    every body can hate on her if they want but tiger is the dumb mofo i had to know she was gone get paid if he out there cheating i hope he signed a prenup if not oh well becky make that money tiga tiga woods y’all ha ha dumb a$$ lol


    Dad was right Tiger.Don’t do this marriage thing EVER again. Earl…Marquis deSade…& Dr.Funk would’nt steer you wrong.It’s just a wealth transfer scheme that benefits women…while giving them a dramatic stage where they get to act out on a somewhat regular basis at your expense.(FAMILY COURT) Only for the STUPID & BI-POLAR homie.

  • Black, Yet Never Incarcerated!!!

    A lot of homely, drab, low-c.l.a.s.s raggedy ann-looking white women are living it up on Cheetah’s money. I guess that’s the price that rich cablasian and black athletes and entertainers have to pay to be “accepted” as an honorary white man. LOL :)

    Tiger, we black folk are very forgiving people. Just pay the full college, law or medical school tuition for an equal number of black women and we will take you back.

  • white male

    Tiger doesn’t owe black people anything

  • Nasty

    Elin a beauty? Are we talking about the same women?

  • Gypsy

    As a matter of psychological study, answer these questions folks:
    1. Does knowing about Tiger improve or diminish your life?
    2. If Tiger gets divorced will that elevate your person being/life to more fulfillment?
    3. Do you believe everything you read on gossip sites? Do you feel compelled to comment, and when you do, do you think that the person on whom you are commenting will read and react to you?
    4. Do you think a celebrity life is more important than yours, or deserves more of your attention than yours?

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