SMH: G-Dep In Aluminum Foil Hat Looking Like The 2010 Flavor Flav

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Poor G-Dep. This dude has a video called “Out of Control” and it’s pretty damn sad. From his rocked out steez, to the Expedition with Lambo doors, to the gas station pimpin’…

What did Diddy do to this guy???

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  • drenk

    good, aluminum hats are good at keeping out the government control brain waves from getting you!!

  • PraDaMaMa


  • uptowngirl

    damn, dude fell off something serious.


    That hat reminds me of balloon boy. Sad..

  • top ramen

    The sad thing is….he can spit! Really nice wit it. Unfortunately the crusty lips, aluminum hats, gas station set, trailer trash white broads definately indicate a serious drug habit. Oh and suicide doors on an expi..(whertheydodatat???????????????????) P.S-God bless the fat joe corny side kick. lol

  • top ramen

    “Stay ready… and i was already on fish and spaghetti.” Luvya G. Get right and get back.

  • LooksLikes...

    shiny a s s hats and what not

  • drenk


  • MadeByChevy25

    He looks a damn mess….

  • Keepnit100

    LMAO! Hilarious..yes he was smoking at a gas station…poor thang

  • noelle

    Well..that’s a first. I am a supporter of inventions, inventors, and inventive ideas..

  • drenk

    @ 8) THANKS!!! Its a loooong monday and i def need some love!

  • J-On

    I’m amazed, dude can still spit.

    Couple of them lines was classic G-DEP,
    but yes dude needs to leave the chemical’s alone yesterday!

  • talent scout

    Yo G dep ! I don’t know what the f–ck you’re on but go and get yourself cleaned up!!! your talent is far better then most of the rappers out today ! This brother is wacked out on crack and still rapping better then most fake rappers out right now. Get clear bro get rid of the bags under your eyes and you can really come back! Get in touch with Shin you two together would be magic!

  • realityWRECKER

    puahahhahahahh LMFAO @ the lambo doors on the expedition…minus the rimz G-Dep if i was you id think twice about the whip youre sliding in buddy cause it just lookz foolish and that shiney hat of yours lookz like to me a lil bit puffy is still in you, puffy may have sold you dreams but you made your own nightmare wack as5 mofo.

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