Fill In The Blank: Topless Tiger On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

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Fill in the Blank: Tiger took his shirt off because __________

Vanity Fair seized the opportunity to use some previously unseen photos of Tiger by Annie Leibovitz for their February issue which explores — What Else? — his infidelity scandal!!!


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  • The Brown Hornet

    Because he can – better than seeing Rick Ross without his shirt on…

  • Re


    I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing at this picture.

    Come on Tiger, enough now.

  • Keepnit100

    The checks have officially stopped coming in…some have


    becuz that’s what he’s GOOD @ DOIN’!!! LMAO



  • oh please

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!! JUST STOP IT …… and this a page from Kanye’s method…

  • Keepnit100

    Lol…I cosign that B. Hornet…rick ross should be banned from taking his shirt off in public!

  • Re

    LMAO! Tiger whyeeeee?

  • darealwifey

    I think this is the real Tiger.

  • HollaBack

    desperate for attention.. Yuck, they look burnt!!

  • Smitty Black

    Because there are two women who still have not got at him!!! LOL

  • tiray

    Great move!
    Way to go! Make the hater’s hate! HAHAHAHA!

    (Don’tcha love when hater’s say: I’m not hatin,i’m just sayin)


  • Old Timer

    Looking at Tiger in that picture………..two words come to mind.

    Jungle Thug.

  • Bossip is Obsessed with Rihanna

    …he is about to get a Thug Life tat.

  • Old Timer

    Notice how they used the lighting, the hat and Tiger’s non-smiling countenance to denote a more sinister character. Now, he looks like a thug and a rapist.

    Sammy Sosa may need to get Tiger some of his bleaching cream.

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