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A little family fun for a change of pace….Vanessa Williams spent some quality time with daughter Sasha at Disneyworld recently, while Chris Rock was spotted with daughter Lola Simone in NYC, taking a stroll in the park. 


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  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    is there something wrong with Sasha? or better yet is there something wrong with the other children? Vanessa takes Sasha everywhere she goes..i mean for real..what the hell is going on here?

  • typhani209

    where’s all the comments about how fat and ugly she is and how she can’t be vanessa’s daughter? shut ya’ll up real quick huh. Everybody always hatin on someone. I’ll say it, VANESSA AND HER DAUGHTER BOTH LOOK VERY BEAUTIFUL AND VERY HAPPY. its nice to see something positive on here every once in a while.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    LOL @typhani…ya know, she’s coming into her own. I predict Sasha will be a beauty when she grows up.:-) It’s a gorgeous pic!!

    BTW, she’s the baby, the other kids are kinda grown, so they probably don’t have as much time to hang w/Vanessa.


    i guess vanessa is afraid that sasha will play with matches and set the house on fire/problem child on meds her other children are civilize……………………………..rick fox is sick in THE HEAD too remember bench boy?

  • Ms Maloy

    Sweet, both pics. Lola looks exactly like her mom. Sasha looks like Vanessa and Rick.

  • Exclusif

    Vanessa and Sasha are beauties.

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!


    yeah, i am still curious about Vanessa and Sasha being out more in the public then the other kids, especially since Sasha is the baby



    oh what a pretty picture but the little kid does not know her pops is still pooky his mind is on rocks and slumming cheap babes

  • justmoi

    Awww..Vanessa’s daughter is beautiful.

  • justmoi

    Awww, and so is Chris’, these pictures are making me want a lil girl,lol.

  • mjoylaw

    why does Chris have on a penetentiary shirt when he’s out with his baby girl?

    Vanessa’s other kids are damn near grown, that’s why they aint hangin with ma! Just that simple! While Sasha is still little and appropriate is up under her mama. That’s it, sheesh!

  • mjoylaw


  • Aunt Viv

    That beautiful girl looks just like her mother. Both so pretty.

  • Hannibal

    One of the ugliest families ever!

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