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Jay-Z, Diddy and many more Hollyweird types continue to blur the gender lines in the most unusual fashion:

“This week’s US Weekly magazine reports that dudes – Diddy and Jay-Z, among them – are following in their lady’s footsteps and hopping on the Bikini Wax bandwagon. For those of you who don’t know much about bikini waxing, I will sum it up for you:

Pros: You look bigger, girls are more willing to do naughty things to you, “bald is beautiful” (Jay-Z’s words, not mine).

Cons: Hot wax applied to your nether regions/crack, dried, then RIPPED OFF (along with all that unsightly hair).”

Hot wax on the nut-sack?? Ouch! That sounds like some true S&M shyte.



  • rayrayischillin


  • Lauren's Here

    Whatever floats your boat. And whatever your partner likes….

  • S

    Again, I see no problem with this. What can be bad about a tidy genital area?

  • bree is an OBAMA supporter.. YES WE CAN!

    it’s not that serious.. my ex doesn’t wax his but he does clean the area.. best way to put it, i don’t want any pubic hair in my mouth! :lol: ;-)

  • intenzemocha

    It doesn’t looked bald it looks groomed-and who cares……

  • NewYork

    Man B looks fat!!!

  • kaybaybay

    There is nothing gay about that its a courtesy. Who the hell wants to be choking on pubes? Not me. I would appreciate a nicely groomed “area”.

  • Aunt Viv

    I just talking about this on the Diddy thread!

  • rayrayischillin

    I don’t see the problem with getting waxed whether you’re male or female. There’s a few people that don’t mind searching through a jungle to get to the good stuff, but I do mind!!!

    I get everything waxed. It makes me feel more clean. Hair holds odor. For instance, if you see someone with hairy arm pits with deodorant balls hanging of the ends of the hair, It’s a given that they are musty as a goat!!!!

    Without the hair, the deodorant can penetrate and actually do it’s job. The same goes for body hair, including the hair on your head.

    Have you ever been around someone with braids that don’t wash there hair often? I can promise you that there scalp STINKS!!!!! You don’t have to be up close to smell that. But that’s only for the people that don’t wash their hair often (every 2 weeks or less).

  • Re (Try Not to Worship Oprah)

    Bald is scary. I only like bald heads. No pun intended ;-D

  • Virgo911

    Nothing wrong with being well-groomed.

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate Gyrl

    I love a man who takes great pride in waxing or shaving that area, hell if I break my neck to keep it clean down there than so should he..

  • I'm Just Me (My Baby Graduated 6/25/08...oh and f*ck NYSDOC)

    OMG! I am too scared to get that shyt done for me. But oh WEE on the nut sack! OMG! I will ask hubby what he thinks of this. That n*gga will probably pass out.

    I do keep it low though…as does he but daxn I can barely take wax on my eyebrows.

    Well if he likes it I love it. I don’t think that makes him metro-sexual though.

  • intuitivepisces

    @ Aunt Viv

    Did you post this story? LOL!

  • just4fun


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