Is That You Kim Kardashian? Reality Star Changes Faces

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When Kim twitpic’d this photo of her hanging with BFF Lala Vazquez yesterday we almost didn’t recognize her. We all know Kimmy loves her some Quicktrim and photoshop… and cellulite removal… possibly. But what in the Kris-Jenner-holy-hell happened to Kim over the holidays for her to be looking like this??? Get the BOSSIP scoop and a peek at her January Ocean Drive spread under the hood

We’ve noticed some MAJOR changes in Reggie’s favorite Becky over the last year, but nothing like this… Funny enough we received a tip from one of our BOSSIP spies not long ago claiming Kim was spotted in an L.A. plastic surgery office:

“Kim Kardashian just walked into the plastic surgery office. Kim had on a hoody, but I could tell it was her. She used an alias name. I had heard she had already been consulted, but figured it to be a rumor. We waited around to see her come out, but she must have exited through the back door.”

That would explain why Kimmy’s looking more and more and more like her knifed up Mama erryday. The nose definitely looks different, but we can’t say for sure she’s gone plastics! Maybe Botox and Restylane are entirely to blame?

Check out pictures from Kim’s January 2010 Ocean Drive shoot along with another recent Twitpic and some pictures of the OLD Kim.

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