Some Afternoon Booty

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A faithful Bossip reader just so happens to be the cover of the prestigious Smooth Magazine, and she decided to send it to us for you guys’ viewing pleasure.

Her name is Milan. Be sure to pop the hatch for cake, cake, and more cake…

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  • Re

    Tired profession…it needs some rejeuvanation or something.

  • lee


  • Re

    Oh exscuse me…I forgot to put the quotation marks: “profession.”

  • Re

    ***excuse, typo

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  • chris

    wow she is gorgeous….is she single

  • Nique

    2 words:

    F*uck “Milan”

  • Aunt Viv

    I don’t get it.

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    Too much cake for me. These “models” don’t have that “it factor” that separates them from the rest. At this point, everyone looks the same. The same set of “models” are rehashed and used in almost every publication. And these pictures have to be airbrushed because every picture has the models skin displayed as flawless.

    And come on Smooth, everyone knows that every 13 minutes, a new “model” is turning 18. You need new talent.

  • tg

    Maybe – because I’m a woman – but I’m really getting tired of seeing someone’s a.r.s.e. on the gossip websites. I mean how many a.zzes can you possibly see before it’s just an a.zz.

  • drenk

    @ tg

    maybe cuz im a man, there are never too many a.s.s.e.s. to see before theyre just an a.s.s. thats like saying how much air can you breathe…

    i think they just go to strip joints and ask them if they want to “model” for them

  • pynk♥{Luckily, my jeans are tight. So, no. There is no room 4 you! :)}

    I don’t even know what else to say, & that is RARE. smh…

  • lala

    @TG, I agree I’m tired of looking at a woman’s t.i.t.s and a.s.s. I don’t wanna see that. And they always doing the same poses “a.s.s in the air” I know they could have come up with something a lot better and classier than that. But then again these are “hoes” so I guess classy isn’t in their vocab.

  • Hard Truth

    It is a shock that so many black women are single, I mean just look at these classy ladies ..

  • GotYou

    How much did she pay to be featured on this site? Nothing more than an ho advertisement.

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